Any players in the Baltimore area? HOLLAAAA. I’m @ JHU

yea right here man im from bmore whats good these a whole crew of us man whats good

Damn. I’m right around the corner (I live on Loch Raven). I take classes at Hopkins on Mon/Wed. What do you play? Get at me, we can work something out.


I play Marvel and I’m at UMBC.

I play Guilty Gear and I’m at UMBC.

i play at umbc too haha ill kill you all in mvc except josh he rapes

Haha, I knowwww… fucking Josh.

Would you be down to play Marvel for money? I need to brush up on my skills before NEC or whatever the next tourney I go to is.

I’ll play anyone at UMBC for money… I just need competitive people to play against to make me better. And money’s the best way to make people play their best.

they have an arcade at umbc??

Nah, just a gameroom. They have TVs and some consoles, but just one PS2, so it’s best to bring your own stuff.

DO you guys at umbc play sf3?

i’ll rock all you guys at unbc yo

A few people do. Some of the really good players don’t show up as often as they use to. If I’m there, and no body is playing GG, then I’ll play 3s.

So anyone trying to play some MvC2 for moneyyy?

Come onnn… it’s free moneyyy. :frowning:

man there still people who play at arcades in bmore i gotta find hotspots where but i am from the county so does that count ? i ll take that as a yes oh yeah my name for Street fighter 2 Hf for Xbox live is BlackJoker16

Youre going to give it to me?

It has come to my attention that there isn’t any where for people to play, well not in large numbers. I mean what happened to the days of gatherings with 25-35 people and hella TV’s. So i’m going to try and organize something maybe once or twice a month that people can play at. Basically i’m asking for input. Would anyone attend. What games do people play? And so on. I have found a place in Laurel thats seems like it would be good. So just let me know what you guys think.


um… you know already ya got my support cuzz.

There is a large NC tournament coming up in Goldsburo. The event itself is called the G2Expo.

The event encompasses many aveunes of gaming. During the day, there will be many, MANY stations for both CASUAL and tournament play.

The event is on Jan 27th, 2007. Please check out the thread, and post in it to show your support.

Also, Jwong is coming down with us to ensure a competitve event. We all look forward to seeing ya’ll.


Theres always C.J’s:rolleyes:

We still play MVC2 Fridays there if it works.