Ban Characters Online In Ultra



Then maybe, MAYBE we can play some Street Fighter.

You know it makes sense guys.

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I wouldn’t mind the option. Or like…World Warrior rooms, Third Strike rooms. Vanilla only rooms with or without Vanilla Edition Select forced. Could be a fun addition to Endless.


I don’t see many Kens anymore.

90% of what I see are Ryus, Rogs, and Bisons.

I think I have seen one good Fuerte the entire time I have played this game online.


Yeah it could be a cool option to have, but needless to say it couldn’t be in ranked. I cant say for ultra but there are some very strong characters in the current version of AE 2012 however no one that is so good that they are unbeatable, and in that sense you shouldnt be able to go “you know what i don’t want to fight anyone who plays Akuma or Cammy”. or something like that

Also I play on PSN and I have to say there’s actually alot of bio diversity in the characters that online players use, sure shotos are fairly common but not to a extent that you don’t get to work on other M/Us because of it.

Fuerte as well, I remember when vanilla came out I said to my friend " as soon as someone figures out how to play that guy there gonna be so unpredictable and unbeatable" and whilst there are many like me who just like his character to muck around with and kinda have no idea what they are doing in the hands of the truly skilled Fuetre is a weapon !


picks the option
bans all except Seth, Viper, Cammy, Fuerte, Akuma, Sakura

Let the games begin


In ranked play, change “random” to “let the other guy pick my character”


Oh my god. This should be a whole thing to itself, where both players choose each others characters. That would really help me grow a lot as a player, I think.