Ban hulk, wesker, sentinel and doom

Gosh…please. This is all I ever see online…people don’t play the game for fun anymore, people just play to win. So they pick the cheapest characters with the cheapest assists in order to juggle the body as long as they can. The imbalances in this game are crazy.

Not sure if serious or trolling… o.O


I can’t wait to see this on Scrub Quotes.

damn Ryu should be banned guys he throws too many hadoukens

lol, Im serious! The easiest way to win is picking those characters above, am I wrong?! I’ll play with amaterasu, dormammu and nemesis, if I lose, I can pick any of those three and EASILY win. How is that not fair? D:

there’s a part of me that wants to reply with “some people find winning more fun than losing”

but most of me wants to just say OP is a dumbass and leave it at that

There’s this thing; it’s called not sucking. And if that fails just super jump.

I fail to see why your online experiences mean jack shit. And why we should ban any characters cuz some random scrub says so

-____- not sucking is great advice. I wouldnt say I suck…but I cant compete with people who use those characters…I’ve read a lot of the forums…and people pick those characters because they simply don’t have to work as hard to give great damage. It’s just too easy! When I’ll be working on combos 1mil+ and it means nothing when I can hit O + X as the hulk and win…

Im not begin mean asian, lol, im simply stating the truth that winning, with those characters, is EASY ONLINE.

Play with me, and I guarantee you that if you use all these methods you’re complaining about I could easily take you out with just my pointman.

How are you complaining about these characters when you play Dormammu.

Also, lol.

Man up.


I’m officially retired from the UMVC3 forums.

But I’ll keep this pimp-ass avatar though.

A Dorm and Ammy player complaining about the Hulk? You can’t be serious

Hi. Let me fill you in on an amazing little trick to fight these guys. You can apply this to other characters as well. Trust me, your win rate will go up DRAMATICALLY!





how would banning them on srk stop you from seeing them online anyway

This actually made me lol thank you kind sir