Ban Sentinal From Tournament Play?

As we all know Sentinel is beyond Godlike.
I think preventing players from using Sent in tournament matches will greatly improve match quality and overall enjoyability of the game.
This game is brand new yet people already are seeing the reign of sentinels take over.
Lets make this game diverse. Sentinal only lowers the depths of the games strategy.
What do you think.
Vote. Comment. Discuss.
(Let’s be civil)

no, l2p

Deal with it, scrub.

Its like saying ban Sent from MvC2…

As i appreciate you replies.
I would like to hear your side of the argument instead of "deal with it scrub."
I don’t understand why everybody instantly feels anger towards someone that has a different opinion towards something. Especially when i presented it in a non-angry fashion.
I would like to see more than just a handful of characters be utilized in this game.

Yes, we all know using Sent is almost like playing the game in Simple mode constantly.

Yes, he has the highest health in the game, does the most damage, takes the least damage in the game, is quite easy to use and is extremely powerful even in the hands of a novice.

Yes, many players use him as a crutch as Sent can win very easily with little effort.


No, he should not be banned anywhere. He is in the game, so he is free to be picked and cough “mastered” by anyone. Try your best to find the right makeup to learn how to deal with him. I don’t use Sent myself (or Dante), but I think I recently found a way to take him, so I’ll keep trying my method and hope for the best.

Sentinel is not broken. He isn’t like ST Akuma.

What are you going to say ban assist next because you want to 2 characters on the screen only?

I’m sorry your online experience is vs 3 Sentinels, which I didn’t know you could do.

What’s wrong with just learning how to play around him? I’m sure that’s easier said than done but if you know you’ll be going up against Sentinal for the next 10 years then it’s time to hit training mode.

sentinel is the most overrated character in the game. we will all be laughing in a year about how the scrubs used to called him godlike.

you unimaginative idiots are pathetic

Shaman are fine. L2p.

He’s a strong character, but most of the cast in this game is strong. Sent really isn’t the unstoppable juggernaut you all think he is if you actually spend some time in the lab figuring out how to beat him.

He’s certainly not ST Akuma… hell he’s not even SF4 Sagat. People really need to take a step back and start looking at losses as failures on their part, rather than constantly blaming the game.

I don’t like the whole “learn to play around him” excuse. Mostly because look at MVC2… you didn’t play around him as much as you just had to have him on your team in order to do anything.

I’m not suggesting he be banned. I just wanted to put that out there.

Double posted


-Super armor
-Best assist
-Most health
-Most damage
-X-Factor rapes entire teams alone
-Easy 100% combos

Am I missing anything? He’s not going to be banned, so I don’t even understand why you made this thread.

From just observing his toolset and his tactics you can’t really rush him down or zone him.

I agree that he shouldn’t be banned. He is rather stupid though.

Whatever method they’re using to design characters, they need to weed out the morons that can’t balance to save their lives.

Then again, this isn’t MVC2.

True. I’m just hoping that the first legit tourney for this doesn’t have a Sent on every team. I will be sad panda’d.

Enter MVC2 Sentinel, who can zip all around the screen, pin you to the corner, and kill you in one combo without X-factor. A character more than half the roster couldn’t even deal with.

To even think that anything in this game is worthy of a ban is hysterical.

I agree.
The learn to play around him concept, is actually acknowledging the fact that there is something wrong yet you are content with it.
As you can see by the additions of the yipes references in the game, gamers have an impact on the the game itself.
If the customer is unhappy, in theory, capcom should react.

I notice that people who bitch about Sentinel usually can’t even spell the name correctly.