Ban -TheBastard-

Okay, if I create this topic, it’s in order to ban this dude. He just went from afk to available non stop for like 5 hours yesterday just to fuck up ggpo use of everyone. Okay there’s plenty of trolls in ggpo, but ignore function can stop them instantly, so they’re not that of a big deal. But he’s trying to really annoy everyone and then deserve to be banned in my opinion.I sent a message to Ponder last night to ban the guy.
Please if you post in here, just tell if you’re okay with that or not, but don’t go into swears or whatever ; I think time has come for him to go away as he’s trying to ruin people entertainment. Also if he still stays, suggest here what to do in order to get him banned. I believe that if some other users ask Ponder, it may have some effect.

Maybe we should ask him to stop first?
Hey Sesho, please stop man, its starting to be quite annoying.

Dude, Sesho should have been banned ages go for excessive retardedness.