Banana Ken going on hiatus. Ken of America title back up for grabs



tl;dr: Banana Ken is leaving TFA and is scaling his fightmans activity way back to focus on ambigous real life crossups.

With Jose almost out of the picture and Dr. Chaos being off the grid since vanilla AE, who will fill the role of Ken of America?


blackhawkxdown, he isn’t the hero we deserve, but the one we need right now



Join needs to come back to US :frowning:


I’m assuming you mean Joon… I thought he cut way back because of school as well…


Yeah Joon. Damn auto correct. Hmmm I don’t know maybe one will pop up at Evo :stuck_out_tongue:


DRS Chris3495 is really sick and he might take best Ken in america imo if bananaken leaves.
from what i hear, he is lilsicx66 protege’


I thought Dr.Chaos was the best ken in U.S. btw, where’s dr.chaos?


lilsicx or that chris guy from last night


I’d like to see some of Chris3495’s work. Has he made out to a tournament?

Same for BSIDA (#4 Ken in NA last time I paid attention to that sort of thing). I had a couple of good matches with him right before 2012 version dropped.


Chris got 3rd at WNF yesterday, didn’t he?


Yes, he usually wins at the local ranbats (James Arcade Games) in Upland, CA

I believe this is one of the first times he’s gone to WNF (Probably not old enough before?)


stay tuned, DRS Chris and I are going to do a FT5 mirror match for the Ken Army :slight_smile:


yeah chris3945’s ken is A BOSS!!!


lol.^ Why u hatin on the ken army?


chris has agreed to fight our best local Fei Long player (ShadowSingh4D) in a ft5 set tomorrow at 9pm mountain time.
it will be streamed live from CanadaCup HQ on
tune in army!!!

then hopefully next week before Evo, i can get in a ft5 set with him for a ken mirror match.


lulz who’s hating ? let me go find a good online match of him then …


lol I was just joking. You don’t have to do that.


good , cuz i couldn’t find one XD


chirs3495 is the the american ken. end of story


DRS MCZ Chris vs. ShadowSingh4D FT5

starts at the 1:00 hour mark