Banana Ken is...


17th at evo!

GJ to Banana Ken!!

YouTube - arcadeufo’s Channel
you can see videos from him there

Actually i saw Banana Ken and i dont know if it was me, but he seemd a more solid and complete ken compared to dr chaos. He was doing insane stuff. To bad he had to face in the bracket 2 top evo contenders Vangief who knockd J WONG and Inflitration from Korea. But were close matches considerably. If places were switched maybe the outcome would had been diferent. That Said good SH !T from both Ken representin in major tournaments.

But now we’ll see more of banana ken in the upcoming major tournaments

I loved how Banana Ken played :razz: his matches with Vangief and Infiltration were sweet I learned some Good Ken Shet there:razz:

Gratz to Dr.Chaos and B.Ken for representing and representing well I wich they both got the hat but there can only be one hat winner:razzy:

I enjoyed watching Dr. Chaos, Banana Ken and lilsick represent Ken so well. I was thrilled to see Sick beat Kai’s ElF and Chaos almost had Mike Ross. Glad to see Ken so well represented!

any videos on lilsick?.. if he’s that black dude with dreads who plays the blue ken then i totally know that dude lol…

Isn’t Banana Ken going to Michigan State this fall? Hmm, maybe I won’t completely retire just yet…

Also I think he took out Marn in his first tourney after signing with EG, lol.