Bandwagon Av request

Any chance someone could make a omg pregnant punch to stomache and shove down stairs gif with Zangeif and whoever?

I have cookies

is this the zangief punch that you want?

or, is it in this animation here?

and, you don’t care who the female is?

Gief should be doing it to a polar bear. :cool:

Just playin’.

honestly, you guys are the ones with the talent. follow your heart!

The girl should be R.Mika…

I was kind of hoping this was for an anti-Celtics AV when I saw this title

Location - Canada

That means Id be cheering for a Hockey playoff team. Not basketball, friend.

P.S R. Mika is an awesome idea.

Its was your Canadian boy Jimmy Bones who mention it. :bgrin: :tup:

:u: you’re not the first one.

i’m sure shizuma_15 won’t mind, since he doesn’t have prem. if he does, well, i’ll make you another one.

i’ll work on this one. however, it’s going to be a busy week for me, so i’m not going to give you a day when it’ll be done. i will finish it, though.

thanks mang. No time frame is shorter than it would take for me to many anything half as good as the ones i see around here

everytime i make one of these avs, i wish the file size limit is bigger:

brilliant. Thanks!

It should have been him punching Eagle down the stairs.