Bane FRAUD/RRRAGE QUITTER! YouTube user AcidGlow exposes himself. FUNNY A MUST SEE VIDEO

(I named it RRRAGE QUITTER! because the way he went out of the video was so emotional/enRAGEd.)

I used to follow this guy’s channel at first to see if i could find more tools to add to my Bane mix-up game/shenanigans. I quickly realized that after about the first two videos he had nothing i could really use since his approach in using Bane was very reckless and wasteful. I continued to watch though because even though he showed match footage of him doing well, he went on and on with rants about how bad this game was, and how everything that Bane had was too slow and that he had no options of getting in, so on and so forth.

By this point i was just watching for the entertainment because he so reminds me of all those whiners on xbox live that can’t handle taking a loss, on top of the fact of having a channel to officially do it on. I found it very funny hearing a so called grown man b!tch and moan like a little man-girl on COD. I got on youtube the day we got the v1.03 update and noticed a video titled “Bane Got Buffed in Balance Patch #1 ???” on his channel. I went on to watch it expecting to hear another one of his hilarious, which i’m a dub now RR(rage rants), and boy this time he did not disappoint. Take a look.
After pulling myself together from laughing so hard, i kinda pitied the dude and felt an obligation to educate him in the fine art of Bane. I tried to give him a little constructive criticism by bluntly stating, “the way you go about playing Bane is all wrong”. I went on saying that “you play Bane like he’s a straight up rush down character”, which isn’t completely off track, but he did not even use the rest of his grappling options in a match like say Zangeif or Marduk in sfxt; only in combos. As expected from this sensitive little girl, he responds agitated “Bane is not a GRAPPLER”, which i could kinda see why he would think that because the way he showcased him is by being so mind f*cked at full screen the only option he can come up with is to go straight into lvl 3 venom and bull rush or every time he gets into jump-in range, he of course jumps like a noob, which i told him. Now on the whole “he’s not a GRAPPLER” part, i’ll let you guys decide because to me that’s where he’s completely wrong.

After that, i sent him another message in the comments section explaining my formula for Bane and got a single reply, “if you know so much about Bane then you need to upload some videos instead trying to coach me on mine”. I thought to myself anybody can upload videos of just the matches they had won whilst throwing in a little commentary, all the while having a temper tantrum. I sent him one final message explaining more in detail my methods because of the limited characters you can use in the comments section but i soon realized he didn’t want hear anymore of what i had to say. I later found out he banned me from his channel and removed everything i posted so he didn’t seem like he was wrong on the way he went about playing him all this time and that one of his subscribers was right.

The moral of this story folks, is don’t ever become this guy. Even if you are at the brink of madness through frustration because you couldn’t figure out how to make your low tier character work, which is always a long and uphill battle filled/w experimentation; especially when a game first comes out. You need to always be open or seeking new info or ideas on gaining experience on your character. One day there will emerge a tournament level bane and we will see videos on a whole new slew of strategies we never thought of and realize how much Bane has to offer. I understand why the developers designed him so i’m satisfied. I know this because i main one of the lowest tiered characters in SSF4ae (Vega) and had this same realization when i first saw players like Tatsu, Chris King, LOUD Zeus, Shin Phoenix, and German Luger display his usefulness despite his weaknesses.

I’m willing to share my methods with anyone interested in hearing them, even though this isn’t the official Bane thread, because i don’t wanna just come off as all talk not revealing the whole point of this argument. And if you were entertained as much as i was by this, then go to his channel and watch some of the other videos building up to this one. Also lend me your thoughts on how you think Bane should/can be played.

I would love to hear a few of your strategies using Bane. My brother plays him and I want to help him out.

i mean, he makes a few good points

the buffs helped bane but not in the right way, he still has problems getting in on zoners and he has a real problem punishing
he’s not entirely a dullard but some points are way off

using bane’s throw puts pressure on the opponent, opens up a mix-up game

and not all moves are the same, hawkgirl’s super is one of the hardest supers to punish, he just used the wrong move

There are tons of newbs like this online. There’s no need to single this person out.

Lol, yea, he has that 13 year-old disposition. It’s all too common on this game. Here’s a video of a guy who rage-quit on me and proceeded to send me a flood of excuses, homophobic slurs and 5th grade insults.

From the way it sounds you won’t be playing Injustice anymore. Sounds like another player we won’t have to hear or deal with any more. Have Fun!

This guy seems to appreciate Bane’s buffs.

I saw a few of his videos when the game first came out, and he kept insisting Bane’s command grab was blockable for some reason.

I think it has some type of glitch with it because for some reason it’ll whiff if certain moves hit during its animation. For reference look at the video i just posted at 2:21.!

While I think the guy in the video is passing off the venom buff when it’s quite good, I still think the guy has some very good points. I do find Bane’s super to whiff a lot when used as a punish for supers and even special moves. Bane can also be hit out of his super with a simple 2 or B2 (I can’t remember which one).

I also find his command grab whiffs A LOT. It seems it whiffs if the opponent is in recovery frames from something. It’s not 100% but it happens a lot to me…about 80% I’d say. But his grab also whiffs if the opponent is in START UP frames too. So if the opponent is just throwing out a 1 or 2, the grab will whiff. This seems less likely to occur, but it still happens a fair amout.

I’d like to state I’m not an expert at this game and I’m simply speaking from personal experiance.

There are not tons of these kinds of guys out there with channels that bash the devs on their understanding of balance with-in a game on a character that themselves don’t really understand.

My main problem with Bane is the way his super and grabs whiff in odd places. I don’t know if it’s intentional that grabs aren’t allowed to hit during recovery but this video shows off a lot of issues with Bane.

Something else that I was wondering with Bane, if you try to do any combo and cancel it into his command grab, if the opponent was blocking the combo then the grab will just softly stroke them, but it is a grab and if they’re blocking and you throw out the grab by itself it will hit.

  1. Venom armor is only for most special moves and f2, f2d
  2. There’s grab crush type of moves in here like Tekken that are like one category of moves beat/immune past the other in a rock paper scissors type of theme.
  3. Some lows will go under and beat Bane’s super sometimes… not sure what the requirements are… in addition to the invincibility on Bane’s super is very brief and there’s one hit of armor early on so if you’re demonstrating supers kinda slightly spaced out it’s not gonna trigger.
  4. Level 3 venom grants up to 3 projectiles to bypass, that’s why Green Lantern’s hits, it’s like 5 hits I think.
  5. On the subject of just charging past people’s projectiles and what have you, they’re not all categorized the same so the armor acts a little different for Black Adam and Nightwing compared to Batman and Deathstroke. Think fireballs and kunais in Street Fighter.