Bang The Machine at evo 2011?

I’m seriously considering going to evo this year but since its so far and expensive, it’s probably a once in a lifetime thing for me. Since the only time I go to evo will be my only opportunity to see bang the machine I’m only going to commit to going if its confirmed showing.

So the question is, will bang the machine be showing at evo 2011 or should I wait until next year?

Mr. Wizard mentioned that people have had multiple chances over the years to see Bang the Machine and that if they haven’t seen it by now then it’s their own fault. However, Mr. Wizard also stated that the numbers for Evo keep doubling which obviously means that a lot of people are attending for the first time. While I have seen Bang the Machine a couple of times now, I would very much like to see it again and I know there are many others would love to see it for the first time.

Gonna be my first time at Evo and I’d really like to see it. I see his point, but bummer if it’s not there.

Yeah, it is their own fault for not having seen it yet-- but this year is gonna be a ton of peoples first times… particularly alot of the MvC3 and MK9 crowd.

+1 vote for Bang the Machine.

i saw it last year, but id love to see it again, and im bringing a group of friends with me this time who haven’t seen it. so +1 for bang, +3 more if you count my buddies im bringing.

they didnt play it in 09, which was the first year i was able to go.

+1 for btm

Also my first time attending Evo @ The Rio in 2009 and was hoping they would show it but they didn’t. Really would love to see that piece of fighting games history be shown at Evo2011. Even if it wasn’t on the main stage and they had a special one time showing during wierd hours I would still go sit and watch. Also bringing 2 friends with me this year to Evo.

+3 for Bang the Machine @ Evo 2k11! :smiley:

+1 for BTM!

I was at EVO last year but unfortunately had to skip on the BTM screening to meet up with my brother who was also in Vegas. I’ll be really excited if it gets confirmed this year once again.