Bang the Machine @ Evo 2010...MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Its more important now more than ever before that the Fighting game community remembers its roots. With so many new members and players that have been inducted into the scene, and with possibly the biggest EVO on the horizon, there should be a special movement to have Bang the Machine shown at EVO this year. With I Got Next and King of Chinatown nearing fruition, its important that we realize as a community how far we have come.

We all know that the movie can’t be distributed yadda yadda yadda. This thread is here to show that there is enough interest to warrant another showing of the epic film at this year’s EVO event.

Post your support/discussion and lets make it happen.

It never really feels like EVO if they don’t screen Bang the Machine. Last year was an exception since they showed the Tomo interview which was a complete treat in itself. But yeah, I think if there isn’t anything like that lined up for this year, people definitely need to see BTM. I know there’s a lot going on in the schedule, but like Jazz said, the community should appreciate how much its grown and pay tribute to the old arcade scene as well.

Anybody that doesn’t know what the hell Bang the Machine is should listen to this episode of Gooteck’s podcast. It’s the one with Dogface and Omni as the guests. It’s a good primer on the issue and why there’s controversy around showing it/ distributing it. They start talking about it around the 48 minute mark. Honestly the whole show is pretty funny and worth listening to.

+1 vote for BTM

never heard of bang the machine…

edit: just youtubed it

I have seen this film everytime i go to evo and it’s a great experience everytime i watch i hope they can bring it backthis Evo because i will be bringing a young crowd with me who have no idea of the roots of Shoryuken

I’d love to see it for my first Evo, I’ve heard great things.

This definently needs to be shown at evo this year

When are we going to be able to buy the thing?

Listen to that podcast. It’s a long story :confused:

Full of copyrights and explosions. =/
Sad as shit.

I’d love to see it!!

Are those rumors of it getting released to the public still floating around?

Whenever I see your avatar it gives me this illusion that my whole screen is shaking.
so good.

But yeah, copyrights and no way to remove copyrighted material. :frowning:

Gotta say, if they can somehow fit a showing of Bang the Machine into the events, that would be sick. I’d be really excited to see it happen.

I enjoyed BTM in 2008. Please show it again this year.

I would love to see this movie again. If they’re not charging admission, I don’t see why there would be any copyright issues.

You should definitely show it.

Maybe we can do a midnight showing on saturday night and sell popcorn and sodas!

If the full length cut of I Got Next is out, you can do a double feature!

I think all you need to do is play the part where you play DDR on repeat.