Bang the Machine....where can I find it?

I know there are clips on Youtube and the such. But is there anywhere where I can get this in its entirety?

The Evo staff is secretly plotting to force you to come to Evo to see the movie. So go to Evo damnit!

Or at least that’s my guess. Right now there is no known way to see it other than it randomly appearing at Evo afaik.

Wasn’t the footage and the offices where Jab Strong Fierce were located in the World Trade Tower prior to 9/11? The master copies and stuff were all destoryed??

For some reason I remember this being the case.

Someone correct me if I am wrong.

:mad: It should honestly be a bannable offense to make yet another one of these threads. :mad:

haha i will never believe that story since evo seems to have it.

Evo took the last copy why you think people were running back into the building?

from what i remember the vid didnt show up in evo til 2 years after 9/11

Copies of it will be accompanied with MvC3 when it gets released :looney: