Bang the machine?

I remember seeing a thread a while back that Bang the Machine was going to be played at evo this year. Did it ever get screened during the weekend?

yes; 10p on saturday.

I was my first time seeing it and I’ve gotta say it was really entertaining and Apoc is THE best comic relief ever. Is that guy for real? Great film, I will buy a copy if it ever gets released, or donate for a free copy if they need to try to get around licensing stuff, though I’m not sure that would work. For being a self professed rough cut, it was top notch.

“Shhhhh. You got new shoes!”

we streamed it, but the streaming computer crashed

just kidding.

LOL nice, so is there any plans to release it in some form for viewing for those of those that weren’t there at evo?

no, in fact i’ve never even seen it. i really wanted to catch it when the premiered it at evo 2001 in ucla, but i never did, and still haven’t seen it.

IIRC, the problem is with music licensing.

what happened was the master tapes and all equipment was lost in the 9/11 attack, and they were only left with the rough cut, which is what has been showed at EVO. since it’s a rough cut they have no access to the individual audio tracks. since they don’t have access to the audio tracks, they cant replace the music. since they can’t replace the music, and they cant get the licensing rights to the music that was used, it can’t be released.

Ah wow, never knew that but makes perfect sense. So a youtube re-broadcast would be out of the question as well. Looks like i’ll never get to catch it unless I hit up a future evo :frowning:
(that is if they even decide to screen it again)

Osama bin laden stole our bang the machine :frowning:

:confused: :frowning:

i’m pretty sure they mentioned they’d be releasing it for our consumption, free, at some point.

if this were true it would probably be when the music passed into public domain

which could be a LOOOOOONG time from now.

this things been hyped up for a while now when the hell is the official release date for the full docu.???

There is no official release for it. Cicada explained why a few posts up.

Ah I see. Thanks.

They said specifically that they would be releasing it via “iTunes or something” for free when they finish the final cut.

This was right before they announced that they are going to start filming a new documentary.

there’s no release.

it debuted in '01 or they originally screened it at EVO’01.

it’s a 9 year old movie.

when was this? i explained why only the rough cut that has been showed over the last 9 years is the only cut of BtM in existence, so there is no forthcoming ‘final cut’

unless i’ve missed something.

They said it after the movie, but I’m sure it was said before also.


yeah like i said, before it started, one of the cannons asked us to please not record it because they’d be making it available online at some point.