BANG! the Western Card Game!

Does anyone play this epic card game?

I just got into it the over the weekend and immediately ordered a set for myself. This game is very easy once you get over a round or 2.

For those who don’t know about the game let me wiki this up:

There are also expansion but seriously thats hella to list too.

So anyone have a specific guy they like?

I personally like Willy the Kid because if he can beast pretty hardcore on low lifers and take everyone out.

a friend of mine brought it over once and we played until 8 30am the next morning.

-Kit Carlson is top tier
-i died (deputy) at the hands of the sheriff Willy in the first turn of the game once. It was hilarious

  • i found the game got slightly stacked against the outlaws when there are 2 deputies

Well the Attacking would align this way.

x3 Outlaws + X2 Renegades (If renegades attack Deputies)
X2 Deputies + X2 Renegades + Sheriff (If renegades attack Outlaws)

The fun part of course is figuring out who is who and alot of the times we would be surprised someone was a deputy when we thought the person was a renegade and vise versa.

This game is crack though, once i played at 9pm i didnt stop playing until 5am with some friends.

The Bullet Edition is pretty badass, comes with all the expansions and sheriff badge.

Anyhow if anyone also plays this awesome game tell us about them experiences and who you think are pretty broken tiered characters.

Some broken attacks

Pablo the Garbage Man- if the player before you did not escape from jail, you can pick up the jail after he discards it and haul him back in there again for hilarity

Kit Carlson- you can sometimes determine whether the player after you gets blown up by the dynamite depending on the suit of the card you place back on top of the deck with his special ability. This is mainly why I think he is top tier especially late game.

I like willy also because with the right gun he can take anyone out. I think that also plays into everyones’ psyche to not bang him early game as a random test bang because they might pay hard for it next turn

i dont think anyone aside from us plays bang lol. I haven’t gotten a chance in a long time because it’s hard for me to get 4 other ppl to play. It’s not nearly as fun with less than 5 ppl imo

I played it a lot recently with my housemates, but not anymore since my friend took it back home with him. The expansion makes it way more fun imo.

Dang, i was hoping there were more players in this game.

Either way its good to see you share some of your experiences.

A good sheriff will always try to keep everyone weak usually using the AOE Cards.

also El Gringo as sheriff is pretty godly since hes always being shot up.

do they have a website

I posted the wiki earlier

The original website is in Italian


If you just want more information i would suggest, Reading reviews from and

How do you guys usually play? We always never have the Sheriff shot up until the very late rounds, once you shoot the Sheriff you know who are the Outlaws.

It’s so frustrating when your retard friend is Sheriff. I was Deputy once and kept throwing saloon cards to heal my Sheriff friend, who ate a dynamite, when EVERYONE else had full health. She kills me later in the game, wtf.

well retarded sheriffs will always make bad decisions haha.

Keep in mind our game is usually a full set 6 to 8 players. So strategies change.

We play aggressive game’s and depending on your role you may want to gun early to keep the sheriff low on health thus forcing deputies to burn their health assist cards sooner. The reason being is with more people the game is more confusing. 2 renegades + 2 deputies really makes it difficult for the sheriff to figure out who is on his team.

Why attacking early can work out also is because people tend to have the least amount of options early game, and less likely to chain devastating hands, so they are constantly trying to stay afloat.

When you got 3 outlaws gunning the sheriff you can simultaneously learn who the deputy and renegades are earlier also because they will fire at you, and people who arent firing at you are probably the other outlaws.

dynamite is really stupid. But it’s a fun game.

dynamite is hilarious when it blows up on the person who casts its though =) its a game breaker though if it lands on the sheriff.

I’d also like to know how you guys play

The way I played it (which i didn’t like btw), my friends would openly discuss all the possibilities and permutations as the game was happening and that would take away from my enjoyment of the game a little bit. It forced us to try to mix up our IDs a little. When they were wrong it was delicious though.

I think one of the best scenarios is when the renegade wins the entire game and mindfucks the sheriff which happened a few times. The look of mindfucked on the sheriff is delicious. Usually it won’t get that far though because when there are 1 outlaw and 1 renegade left, the sheriff would order each player to do specific moves while he weakens them both, which is gay, a side effect of our open talking policy

Table talk like that can get you better at the game really fast, but I would agree that it makes it less fun.

^ The thing with table talk is its all about presentation, its like Poker your either good or bad at making your hand/role obvious.

Also when people die we call out out a “No Coaching” policy. You cannot assist anyone playing if they are alive and you are dead. It ruins the entire approach to the game.

A nice throwoff tech is when you throw down a saloon card, and say things like "I got your back sheriff, lets kill this renegade when you think the other guy is an outlaw.

also killing your outlaw brethren may help you win the game, remember killing them grants you 3 cards and as an outlaw you would rather get those cards then allow a deputy or renegade to obtain it and it confuses the sheriff cause it makes you seem like a renegade/deputy. The Outlaws win anytime the sheriff dies, regardless if the outlaw and the deputy survive.

We play every weekend. My fave is Suzy Lafayette.

Have yet to get The Bullet Edition.

Working on getting some blanks to use instead of the cardboard bullets. Kinda dorky, but so is playing with a zarape and cowboy hat…which i do.

I was just thinking about this game today.
I love this game (I don’t have it yet, I’m planning to buy it) but the new Bullet edition seems a bit messed up with so many “free” defense and offense cards.

Billy the Kid is really broken, when you get a long range rifle with him, it’s game over. Usually whenever any of my friends have Billy the Kid, we usually try to kill him cuz he’s so strong (Free Volcanic)

I won a 7 man game with that Vulture guy. I forgot his full name, but basically whenever anyone dies, he takes all of the guys cards.
After surviving the first guys dying off, he gets really good, because everyone else is weak, and whenever another person dies, he gets their powerups. In the end, it was me vs Sheriff, and I won because I had like 4 layers of “armor” all the time (Bible, etc and all those cards that give you a free Miss). Very strong endgame character, even if he has only 3 life bars.

Wiki edit: I was wrong he has 4 life bars:
“Vulture Sam = Whenever a character is eliminated from the game, Sam takes all the cards that player had in his hand and in play, and adds them to his hand. (4 life points)”

Whoa, I just found an online version.
I tried it, it seems to work, but I didn’t play. Here is a link