Banksy vs Blek Le Rat

Who do you favor most, Banksy or Blek Le Rat?

My personal favorite is Blek but Banksy has some very interesting pieces. Both have that very urban style that show patience as well as professionalism. But they both some how leave the art work to be very direct yet work with it very well to show their skills.

The reason I like Blek more is just the style. I’ve compared both works from both artists and I find myself more attracted to Blek’s edgy style compared to Banksy smooth and fluent works. I mean I have to give mad props to Banksy, he’s done some great pieces but on a more opinionated front I have to go with Blek.

I am not saying that Blek Le Rat is better than Banksy. Both artists are very talented. I’m just more attracted to Blek Le Rat’s works.

What do you guys think?

Blek Le Rat’s David


Banksy as well as Blek both have more works. You should check them out.

I like banksy alot; his work is truly inspiring. Being a street artist myself banksy motivates me, the crazy part is that no one knows what he really looks like

cause he is a MF gorilla warfare artist… mad props to banksy.

i will have to check out more of blek le rat for sure tho

the only thing i don’t like about banksy are the trend whores that ride his dick.

in terms of technique, his multiple layer stencils are awesome.

trend whores that dick ride, ruin anything great! thats not banksy fault.

it’s really not his fault, are you guys into graff too?

i used to do stencil work in pdx (pearl district to be precise)

aspiring ha… but nothing note worthy. mainly stencil work as well.

i see, i’m not that much of a stencil person i’ve always been down free hand painting

You know I have done some freehand. I just need to pick up some tips and experiment. Any that you recomend?

well for me since i see that you’re from the NW too if you have the time come up to seattle theres a freewall over here but basically just practice practice practice that’s what i did to get better. But there’s a site that usually go to filled with dope writers from seattle and what not you should check it out

they had a picture of banksy in one of the papers ages ago. robert banks, he was doin summat abroad, I can’t really remember but u’ll find the article if you look hard enough

Sweet I will have to hit up that wall sometime. Where excatly is it? Thanks for the site. is pretty sick, graff+tech.

it’s right by downtown seattle. we can meet up and i’ll take you there sometime just lmk when you’re down in seattle. also what are some of everyones fav graff writers? mines has to be enem and saber


Mos def, that sounds good. As for tips I meant nosel tips, need to buy some ha. As for writers, I’m not up to date. EDIT: I didn’t find a graffiti thread. Maybe we should have this dubbed so?

yeah but it seems that your more used to the forum so maybe you should start it up? haha and as for caps if you want a quick fill in you should go with an astro fat with that’s my favorite cap for fill-ins and for outlines and details go for a montana cap those always work best for me

If you guys want to start a new grafitti thread go ahead. I’ll close this one when you do.