Banned Characters

I tried to put this in Domination 101, but it wouldn’t allow me to post.

I know that Akuma is banned from Super Turbo and I understand why. There’s nothing ABSOLUTELY clear-cut as far as I can see that screams that he should be banned, but I know that much thought had gone into it and the general community agrees the matchup is unwinnable and we all agree to just not play him in tournaments.

But there has always been characters and techniques that can be overwhelming, which we still allow: ie cable AHVB, alpha II unblockable customs.

And there are clear-cut instances, where banning is the only logical decision such as the Gambit glitch; and i assume guile’s handcuffs must have been banned back in the day if there even were tourneys then =)

I looked at EVO2k7 and there’s a whole slew of newly banned characters:
CVS2: Ultimate Rugal, Super Akuma, Evil Ryu, and Evil Iori
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection: Jinpachi
3S: Gill
Guilty Gear: #Reloaded characters, Kliff and Justice. Use of EX, Gold and Shadow characters

I guess it would be nice if someone could really break it down as to why these new characters are banned. I’m not super-familiar with all of them.

I’d argue that the banned CVS2 characters are dominant to say the least, but they have the lowest life points. Perhaps that levels the playing ground a bit… I don’t know.

My point: are these characters as broken as ST Akuma, and why?

In short, they are completely unbalanced. In fact they were designed to be overpowered because most of the ones you listed are boss-type “special” characters.

Huge damage, huge stun, huge hitboxes, very fast attacks, and in some cases infinites. If those characters were allowed there’d be no point playing any other character, that’s why they are banned.

That, and it’s more or less to keep up an arcade standard.


Yes meaning if these characters were not playable in the arcade version of the game then they wont be allowed in the console version of the game…

Akuma has zero recovery on nearly everything, and can basically win every single match with air fb and ground fb because of this. Every single matchup, bar none, gives him at least a slight advantage, even WITHOUT said recovery.

Are Evil Ryu and Evil Iori that broke in CVS2, i thought they were like mid tier? people use them but rarely

And doesn’t get stunned. :wasted:

They’re not broke. They die in 3 moves. People just don’t use them because it’s just a general rule in the US to play using the arcade characters only.

Ok, so the CVS2 boss characters are banned because they can only be played on the console and we’re trying to keep the tourneys at arcade standards, right? Because from what I’m hearing, those characters aren’t nearly as broken as ST Akuma due to their low life points.

And there’s no need to explain why ST Akuma is broken, I know, most everyone else knows. It’s just these new guys i’m wondering about. How about the other games, anyone know why they’re banned?

I’m not a huge 3S player, but is Gill really as broken as ST Akuma?

I’ve never seriously played tekken or guilty gear so I can’t even throw a starter question.

Gill is worse then ST Akuma. Can do near, or full dizzy combos on most of the cast, does crazy damage, has guaranteed 1/4 life chip damage super, or if he just wants to wait he can do ressurection. Oh and most of his normals are godly fast, like his which is 3 frames and will punish anything that is punishable basically, like ken’s on hit.

Guy where’s a thong for a reason, he’s got confidence!

same reason as the cvs2 bosses…:confused:



It doesn’t really matter, they’re both stupid good, no point in saying “this character is more broke than this character”

thats like saying, “what tastes fruitier, an apple or an orange?”

well, they both taste pretty fruity and akuma and gill are both very broken…and Gill is pretty fruity as well with his whole thong thing…:sweat:

Isn’t Crackhead Iori like super fast or something in CvS2?

Yeah he is super fast, and has some pretty easy big damage combos especially in C groove. Sadly if you punch him in his face, he has a glass jaw and dies.

What about Urien ?

unblockables build confidence!

So I just found a thread on why Jinpachi is banned in the Evo tournament section. As far as I can tell, he is only selectable on console versions. The same goes for Gill in Third Strike.

So from my understanding, all those CVS2 characters, Jinpachi, and Gill all are ultimately banned because they can only be used on the console which may give some people an unfair advantage–not everyone may play the console version (I think this point is truer in the past, than it is now where console fighting games are becoming more commonplace).

And although this is a console tournament, I can understand that we’re still trying to keep things “arcade” style.

So, these newer characters are banned for reasons different from ST Akuma banning.

Now for the last game which I know least about: Guilty Gear. Any insights?

ST Akuma

As many of you know, in Super Turbo tournaments in Japan Akuma is only soft-banned and not banned outright like everywhere else. There have been occasional ST tournaments in Japan where people have entered with him like these two videos below show:



Watching these videos made me think that perhaps Akuma’s dominance in ST is overstated (although of course these two vids aren’t really enough to determine that).

About Guilty:

Kliff and Justice are two stupid chars.

EX versions have different moves, Gold are faster and/or stronger, and Shadow have infinite tension

So mostly overpowered chars, AND they’re not available in arcade.