Banner Help for Starcraft Website

Hi guys, I’m a writer over at, a Starcraft website that does American commentating, feature write-ups, and more on Professional Korean Starcraft. We’re in a big transition process into the next season and we’re in need of some banners for our write-ups. Our main artists are tied up currently programming and configuring the site, so we we’re hoping to find some help, and I suggested SRK as the place to go for some cool banners.

What we’re looking for is something like this. Pretty simple, but stylish to keep things looking fresh.

Currently we’re really in need of banners for the following:

  1. Incruit OSL 2008 by Mr. Bitter
  2. 2008 MSL

These banners with the words “SC2GG presents” included on each somewhere in there.

Here’s a couple of examples from one of our sister sites:



If we can get the banners to be around 550x150 that would be great. Anyone interested please by all means take a crack at it. Thanks.

well ill take a crack at it ive been meaning to get back at ps is there any pics that you want to be used?

No, it’s pretty much open to your interpretation. We would like to keep it rather simple, but if you have an idea go for it.

well here is how its gonna look just need to add a border and some lil things.

how does it look for ya i can also do one of terran and protoss if you like.:woot:

kinda messed up the arm but ill fix it lol

Wow, that looks great Shizuma! I’ll have the staff take a look at it, but I’m sure they’ll love it.

EDIT: there we go ill make a terran and protoss banner also ill prolly play some sc after that. :wgrin: