banner request


I need a banner for my gf’s website…i would like it in a light pinkish/purplish theme saying “Welcome To My World” somewhere in there…i greatly appreciate anyone welling to take this, thanks in advance


Holy shit man, this is the same exact thread you made two years ago, when I first started PS.

Haha, I think Me, Seth, and Someone else made you one while we were all noobs. =(

You should ask Seth for a new remake, he does bomb shit.


yep exactly, but i lost the banner, and i was hoping for a new one, something a little different, nostalgia is great isnt it?


bump, just to keep it on first page


yet another bump


you could pm him


How big?

Do you want it minimalistic or ornate? Lots of effects or clean?


about half the size of the evo2004 dvd banner at the top of the screen…want it pretty clean, not to flashy but really nice to look at hope that is some help


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bump, to keep it on first page


will someone please take this, i need it by like friday


Sorry, just got back from a Concert.

I had to whip this up real quick.

Hope that’s acceptable. If not I could make another later.


dude that is awesome thank you so much, forget the pm i sent…perfect, thanks alot i really appreciate it


hey, if you still want it im finished.


dude…wtf…that shit is hot what program u used? Can you make one with my name in it like that?