Banner request:

Can somebody hook up this pic for a banner for me:

From the top to mid body. sz 450x150

Thanks in advance.


No love for mgs4??

I’ll take a stab at it tonight if I go to class [still thinkin’ on it].

Open to others though.

Wasn’t sure if you wanted your name on it or whatever, so here’s a blank one for now.

Quickie, in case you wanted text… but I only did a quickie cause if you did, I have no idea what text, colors, etc. you might’ve wanted.

Coo’. I can’t do it cuz I jammed outta class after 15 minutes.

Borin’ day.

Nice the only thing you can add is just mgs4 in red in the upper right corner. Thats the only text i need on it. Other than that it looks perfect.