Banner Request

I’ve been playing around with this banner for awhile. Would someone be willing to help me out.
Heres what I need:

  1. Text : “Shame in Nothing”
  2. Maybe a animation into the banner somewhere.
  3. Text : “[SiN]”

Thanks in advanced to those that want to help out. Means alot to me.

i’ll help with the text (post in .psd format later on). what size want em to be?

Use your best judgement. The fonts I was using just looked horrible. Your the artist, I respect what font size you use.

Thanks again

:: sigh :: it won’t let me post psd files =\


I give up =\

hey man i’ll do it:)

Seriously, Thanks Seth. My artistic ideas just didn’t work with it.

here you go (let me know if you want anything changed)

Your Jesus aren’t you?

It’s beautiful Thank so much man.