banner request

i need another banner for a site im working on, its in regards to a street fighter 4 team i have.

i need a kind of purple and black mix for the back ground, dominant black.

and in medium size olde english type letters, the name of the team “Team Illustrious”

if you can make that like a steel color with a white outline that would be amazing.

the size i need it is, 760 x 200 pixels

i dont mean to sound like a dick, but the sooner the easier it would make some deadlines i need to meet


thanks for anything you can do

:[ :[

=/ =/

Where is the website?

Thnx 2 whoever neg repped this. I just so happen to know Aleri and felt his pain in absence of a response and bumped his request.

ever growing my red bar by people who know it all yet nothing at the same time…

wow these people…
how amazing.
im sorry man

all good bro. i decided to try and grow the k-groove stache’ after all =) what is christmas without green AND red after all


Dunno if you even want this but…what the heck.

Its too bad no one else responded…so you’re stuck with what I made. :china: GL.