Here is just a random banner I did for my buddies site. The site is for xbox live players. Nothing special though.

Neato. I dig the way you draw faces in general.

Yeah, I second that. Nice job on the facial expressions.

Good stuff

something bugs me about Cammy’s face though, I think its the eyes. They seem small for the face. I may just be nit picking, dont listen to me. LOL

awsome, i like the realistic feel to it, cammy does look a little too masculine…but i like :smiley:

Pretty nice, I like the faces but the banner is kinda dull. But thats just me. O_o

Overall nice w3rk.

yo yea i like the faces as well but comon man i know you can do better than that, something needs to happen in the background… over all it is good though, payce

great pic

i really think you got ryu and guile down. i agree with gommon though. if you can make the colors (like ryu’s headband, guile’s hair, etc.) brighter, then it’ll look even better.

that looks flawless,are u pro?very nice work