Banning certain characters for tournaments?

I notice that a few tournaments are keeping just the default characters playable. With sent, akuma, taskmaster, and hsien banned. I agree with this sort of but only with sentinel and akuma being banned. I just want to know if my fellow srk’ers feel the same way about keeping only default characters playable in tournaments.

Banning DLC characters I could understand, but banning unlockables? Really?

It takes like, a couple of hours to unlock them, and chances are they would be unlocked during the tournament itself since you get PP everywhere.

This is not SC4.

The salt levels… they too high… CAN’T CONTROL IT!

Honestly, this just sounds like a ploy to ban Sentinel. DISAPPROVE!

i dont like…

I unlocked those 4 in literally 2 play throughs


Did we do that with SF4!? Just think about it

This is stupid for a few reasons:

  1. It takes less than an hour to unlock everyone

  2. If it’s a way to ban Sentinel then people need to realize that EVERYONE in this game is capable of putting out high damage. Sentinel has his weaknesses (weak against rush down and zoning), yet people are already deeming him unbeatable and the game hasn’t even come out yet.

  3. Repeat reasons 1 and 2

banning dlc or unlockable chars is just scrub mentality
the dlc chars are allowed on BBCS
and the unlockable chars where allowed on sf4
the game is not even oficially out yet, and no char was banned on mvc2, why ban a char on mvc3, seriously, are this tournaments held by gamefags or something???

I call that laziness.

If you put in the effort to start running a tournament, I don’t see why you won’t put in the effort to unlock 4 characters that would take less than an hour to unlock.

Did people forget how hard it used to be to unlock everyone in MvC2?

If it’s because people think that the unlockables (or to many people, Sentinel) are overpowered, that didn’t ban the top 4 in MvC2, who were even more overpowered in that game than MvC3.

Sentinel packs damage. Okay, so what? He wasn’t banned in MvC2 for it and Sagat wasn’t banned in SFIV.

Seth said this game will have a lot of BS. If you don’t like BS in your games, go back to SSFIV, imo. Even that game has BS, but I guess people like a certain level of BS.

I remember reading a few cases of Seth and Gouken being banned in the very early days of SF4.

Probably be all forgotten in a few weeks and everyone will be allowed.

@ #2: LOL, yeah, but not everyone is capable of putting out high damage with no X-Factor and 1 Super Bar. Actually, that’s pretty much exclusive to Sentinel and Dark Phoenix. Dark Phoenix has a third of Sent’s life and it constantly drains. You do the math.

I’m against banning anybody, especially when it’s so easy to unlock the characters in this game, and there’s no point in banning Task, Lei Lei or Gouki at all. But even though I don’t want him banned, it’s useless to pretend the robot ain’t broken.

why would you ban DLC?

I can understand that if they cost money.

Copies of the game + PS3s for each + Monitors. That’s a lot of money spent for a tournament. Buying the DLCs won’t make this money spending process for the people any easier.

but if you are going to make a tournament, you will do it with the last version of the game, this includes the dlc chars aswell, banning them only takes away players and in the end you are only alienating your players

Well yeah, but not everybody farms money. I’m not saying it’s okay, I’m just saying it’s understandable.

I didn’t say I would, I said I understood the reasons why people would want to ban them, not that I agree with them.

I consider DLC as revisions of the game. It’s the same as buying a “Super MvC” or something like that. You either play the latest “version”, or you don’t complain.

How many Capcom fighting games have had characters banned in real tournaments? I can understand not using unlockables if they aren’t already unlocked, but otherwise it’s just whiners whining about “cheapness” or “special characters” who don’t actually have anything that makes them so much stronger than the rest of the entire cast. It’s not a 1v1 matchup anyway, it’s 3v3. Sentinel may be on the “strong” side for people who don’t know how to play the game yet, but so what – everyone would have the option to pick him, so there wouldn’t be any excuse.

I haven’t done it myself yet, so I can’t verify, but it’s been stated from numerous sources that it takes approximately one hour to unlock all four.

Wait until Jill and Shuma are released and we find out that one of them is the complete and utter counter to Sentinel; and then people will cry to have those characters banned, but not Sentinel. :lol:

This thread is really, really fuckin’ stupid.

Obligatory “The game isn’t even out yet.”

This thread is really, really fuckin’ stupid.

Then again, Sent ain’t exactly genius caliber character design.

But this thread is really, realy fuckin’ stupid.

As I see it.