Banning Wireless Controllers?

In light of what just happened, I think for the next Evo that wireless controllers need to be banned. Kor just got DQed from losers because when he synced his controller to the ps3, his home button paused a match that was on the stream between Esom and Brahma… Now this may or may not cause problems seeing as how it would take a bit of change to provide ps2 controllers and wireless converters for the pad players.

wireless controllers are already banned

This is gonna suck for us pad players. Now we have to get used to playing on a PS2 and PS3 controller? It’s the same controller but PS2 feels different, heavier, etc. Sony just needs to make a PS3 feature to like disable wireless and only allow usb connected controllers.

Was that why Kor got away with playing on a wireless controller? And maybe some other players.

Doesn’t nearly every pad player use the DualShock 3 though?

They should create a trigger button to disable the home button to prevent conflicts. Also, they should sync their controller and then disconnect it. That way, they don’t have to worry about being unplugged by accident.

you can remove your battery from a dualshock3. Then it only works when plugged in.

haha KOR you moron

Doesn’t pressing the reset button on the back of the controller desync it?

nvm, it doesn’t

one of the cannons said that since most of the tekken players prefer wireless controllers that they’d allow it. But if they don’t desync the controller and it interrupts the match then they’re DQ from the entire tournament.

Well if push comes to shove and they do ban wireless controllers, that Power A Pro EX pad will be coming out in a month, costs $20 and is hard-wired. Only question is if the D-pad isn’t garbage, like the controller it’s based off of.

DualShock/Sixaxis users should be forced to use PS2 pads with PS2>PS3 convertors.

you can still use fightpads, since they work differently and use a dongle

All DualShock3s and Sixaxis controllers are ONLY wireless and only work over Bluetooth. When you plug your controller in by USB, it is used purely for charging and it is still using Bluetooth for polling the controller.

I don’t profess to know how the PS3 wireless controllers work, but I wouldn’t be too happy if Xbox 360 controllers were banned from a tournament that I was planning on playing in. Partly for getting used to making precise movements on the 360 analog due to other games I play, and partly due to me being too poor to afford a fightpad/stick, I play on the standard pad. I can kind of understand the issue about PS3 controllers, if what was previously posted is the case, but a 360 can just pop out the batteries and its a done deal.

IMO, it seems like it was his own fault for hitting the home button on the controller. should have waited. It takes what, six seconds to sync a ps3 controller.?

Desyncing is another issue though.

Use 360’s?

Wiz already addressed the issue for why Evo isn’t using 360.

It was something like: They already bought ps3s for the T5 DR tournament, and in a good amount too. Also, why the hell would they spend all that money just to buy 360 and the games specifically for 360 just because of some complaints.

It’s cheaper and safer to have ps2 to usb/ps3 converters and some ps2 controllers. Two for every ps3 they have, I gurentee you it wouldn’t be over 300 bucks. and thats chump change for the money evo rakes in. Hell…I could put up that much.

And really, if need be I would actually put up the 300 or so for my idea.

doesn’t plugging the ds3 into another ps3 and pressing home cause it to desync to the previous ps3 and sync with the ps3 it’s connected to immediately?

I been said to ban these fucking things. Nothing good comes out of using wireless controllers. You want to use pad? Get a wired one and a converter. Hell, doing that is even less money then buying a DS3.