Baolian vs QmSRON Chinese switches/joystick for shmups

hi, i’m considering building my first arcade controller using Happ-style parts.
I’ve found kits that have 2 different brands of microswitches:

I also have an old PC joystick that has KMA-1214 microswitches that i could probably reuse (EDIT: the whole joystick, not just the switches).

I mostly play shmups so i’d like to pick the brand that is best suited for them.
For the same reason i’d like to avoid Sanwa-like parts with long throw sticks and low-resistance buttons (i already have a few commercial controllers like that and i don’t like them much for shmups).

First off if you going for Happ parts, ignore what ever is in a Mad Catz SE.
It’s such a Apples to orange comparison that its meaningless

If you like the Happ style, consider IL over Happ. IL made the old school Happ parts before happs switch to production in China.

You joystick will come with its own switches, try those out first before considering swapping out switches.

As for Shmups, most shmup players tend to prefer Seimitsu parts

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If you’re going for (especially) a shmup stick, I dunno why you’d go with weirdo-branded microswitches on knock-off parts.

Also, the Mad Catz SE didn’t particularly have great microswitches on their sticks either, so I’m not sure why you’re baselining on that either.

Like @Darksakul said, most shmup players go for Seimitsu parts for their sticks.

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Since this is my first DIY arcade controller i don’t wanna invest in branded/pricey stuff by now. I’ll do it later if i am not happy with the results. Btw i’ve read that the QmSRON switches are more stiff than the Baolian’s, so i think i’ll try them first.

You be spending more later to replace the cheapo parts.
Arcade parts are like anything else, you get what you spend for.

Actually this does not mean as much as you think. QmSRON are terrible switches that can break quickly.
That real value of that quick return action as more to do with the Joystick return/centering metal spring or rubber grommet

Avoid the Amazon and eBay deals, they are cheap, but there a reason they are cheap.
They are crap. Stuff from sites like Aliexpress is even worst.

sure, i don’t expect top-quality stuff from them, just a cheap kit to start building and experimenting.

I’d just buy quality parts from the Get-go and save yourself the future headaches. Offical Sanwa or Happs aren’t THAT more expensive either.

On the subject of the cheap-o imitations, my Pandora Box had all Baolian parts when i first got it. For Sanwa Knock-offs, they were pretty decent. So as the only one i have experience with, Baolian would be my pick if you REALLY want to go that route.

Baolian also appears to be somewhat legit, in that they have their own public website, showing what they sell and seem to have a decent presence in China.