Bar Battles 2 at the Copabanana PA



Am going to rep. all the online-pad guy players (lol) if you see me feel at ease as this is my 1st tournament(hope i make it put of pools) so i use all my tricks-grabs and baits to win(here to prep for summer jam), wish me luck.


A proud pad-playing Guy player here! Good luck and tell us how it went!


I won 1 winners lose 4 straight after that but i got some exp i needed summer jam is next offline training on my links n anti-airs. Before the tournament started i player a two cammys that bodied after that, i got 0-2 by a ken then a adon my health not the best i was in 80-90 degree weather(basement) also i had to stand from 7-11pm as there was no room to move but i got to c marlinpie, big E n the chris G everyone talks about n his girlfriend some then saw a famous female France sc player she was ok looking XD i had alot of fun.


Going 0-2 in your first tournament is nothing to be ashamed about as long as you’ve learned from the experience. And, it sounds like you did. Keep up the good work! Summer Jam will be fun.


Kayane is gorgeous idk what you are talking about.


small joke i no she looks great i never hype the 8-10(lol) she played sc5 so dam well wish i could get into sc5 but its not the same feel as tekken to me,back on the girl she had a crowd of men with her at all times talking to her was abit hard but she looks like a nice person never got a chance to talk to her XC may see her at summer jam.


I want to go to Summer Jam… but I need money first before I can say I’m there.


I hope you make it I only saw 2 guy players there the other guy player(ike the legend) got set-up to fail he lost a money match due to a bad controller his 1st match(-$15) he got dq(guy who beat him in a money match took him outside during his name call) so sent to losers from the start lost 1-2 match then sent home.Blood try to ask friends to fund you if you can make it post your going before summer jam I will look for and wish you luck.


Friends to fund would not happen. CT crowd is already going so theres hotel gas food and venue etc to pay