Bar fight NYC part 2

So after running my second tourney, I must say we all had a lot of fun. So we moved up to 21 entries which was pretty good, i hope everyone enjoyed themselves as i did myself.

so with no further wait, here are the results.

  1. Andy “citiofbrass” “honda, sakura, seth”
  2. Shinto “rog”
  3. Aulord “cammy”
  4. Henry “honda, sim”
  5. Adnan “Sim”
  6. Andy Liu “Akuma”

1st Sf4 copy,$147, and Free entry to next tourney
2nd Sf4 copy, $42
3rd Sf4 copy, $21
Thank you guys for coming, i don’t remember the whole bracket but i will post it up, forgot my laptop at the bar :frowning:


Great crowd, good tourny with a kick ass setup and screens, i’ll be at 3. If you missed it this week make sure you get in on the next one.

Where was the thread… I didn’t even know this was going on…

Beer makes me stronger! :smokin:


Wished more of the EC finest would have showed up, but I had fun.

HHS is dumb.

Good shit, Adnan. I had a blast. Awesome matches and good shit to everyone there.

See you at the next one, I hope!

Hundred handssss

Gs Andy.

thx man it was fun. and to think i was gonna leave to go to cf lol

Oh good shit andy lol. cmon guys its only honda

so what did citiofbrass get for winning?

updated the prizes so you can see it

They were all at Kings Games from an earlier tourney.

But this one was sweet. Loved the setup. I actually kinda like standing and playing, gives it that old school arcade feel. :bgrin:

Man i wanted to be there for part 2, but i had to work that day!!:sad: Hope you guys had a blast!! I gotta make it out there for part 3!!!

Is part 3 this sat?

yeap this saturday