Bar fight NYC part 3

sorry for taking so long for putting the results up< i was very busy and had very little time to do so.


  1. aqua (gief)
  2. aulord (cammy)
  3. andre (bison)

There were many upsets in this tourney, but the top 3 did great and the gief player was unstoppable.

haha aquasilk won…

must have been a good time.

so when’s the next one?

Had a great time at the tourney. Great competition, great venue. Not a huge turnout but when half the people there are big name players, I think that is a good thing - I’m tired of squeezing by a bunch of smelly randoms to get a peak at the monitor.

Even though I just went 2-2, this was definitely the best SF performance of my short career, as I managed to defeat Rahsaan’s Gen (I got a little lucky and I think Gen sucks to be honest), went toe to toe with Aulord yet again and convincingly won the first round against Andre before he… well, beat me (ok that last one is a stretch). But still, I feel like I can really compete now, and that’s an amazing feeling after putting in a LOT of time into this game and after almost giving up on being a great player so many times tear. I’m having a blast and I’m sticking with it… by EVO next year, I expect to have a lot of scalps to my name.

Also, I’ve really started to enjoy the people in the NYC scene. Aqua, Andy, Aulord, Yuppy, Adnan - great chatting with all of you guys.

Gameplay wise, the usual top players all had their awesome moments, but I think it’s safe to say AquaSilk and Aulord stole the show. Aqua’s gief is so smart, and actually FUN to play against which I never thought I’d say as an Akuma player :slight_smile: Very impressive stuff dude. And Aulord’s pad Cammy is a real fuckin treat to watch. Every time I thought Aulord’s Cammy was toast, he would bounce back with a ridiculous string of mixups, combos, cheesy ass throws (my favorite). Really beautiful playing by both of you guys, and I can’t wait to fight you again.

I’m visiting home right now in Birmingham, AL, but I shouldn’t be gone too long - I’m ready to get a job back in NYC after I catch a couple of football games down here - and I will definitely be at future events.

um … when did this happen again?

Last Saturday, the day before the Empire Arcadia one

Raashan’s Gen is insane but he started Gen like 3 weeks ago or so…

so he definitely has a room to improve

yeah I mean, Gen has some sick combos, and I felt a couple of them hard (I believe that I had the lead at the end of one round but lost 25-30% and the round to a crazy 13 hit combo), but I just don’t think Gen has that certain something that a great character has. I don’t feel like he has any way to catch an experienced player off guard, except his stupid jumps, and as cheap as his jumps are, I don’t think it’s enough. We’ll see though, I’m sure he has plenty of potential, and it would be fun to be proven wrong because Gen is a nice change of pace, character-design wise.

f*ck everyone who attended this tournament.

Where do these happen? Is it a private tourney?


They happen at Rain Bar and Lounge in Brooklyn. It’s right off the N line. Not private at all, you should definitely come out to the next one.

where was it posted?