Bar Fights! Feb 27th 2v2 Tourney (Houston,TX) RESULTS

Street Fighter 4
1 SinisterX (DHAL) Jewelman (HON)
2 Jan (ZAN) Adeel (AKU)
3 Jojo (RYU) David (ZANG)
4 Adnan Degala (BAL) Andrew Pham (RUF)
5 Suavion (BAL) Raph Stryker (BIS)
5 Fubarduck (AKU) Jerry (ABE)
7 Winchester (SAG) Kensou (VIP)
7 Bucktooth (FUER) Logan (RUF)
9 Arthur (HON) Jorge (BAL)
9 Josh (ZAN) Vince (BAL)
9 Face (CHUN) 134 (ZAN)
9 Brian (BAL) Teddy (ZANG)
13 Daniel (KEN) Andre (HON)
13 Blue Shirt (BAL) Pozerwolf (ZAN)
13 AssanChop (FUER) illWill (AKU)
13 Jazz (GUI) Mike (BLA)
17 VoA (FUER) Jonathan Luu (BAL)
17 sweetbeard (BIS) Alphamale (BAL)
17 Duc (RYU) Brian (BAL)
17 Butchersknight (BAL) Charles (SAG)
17 Han Vu (BLA) Joe (RUF)
17 John (RUF) Mike (RYU)
17 Edgar (Ken) Van (ZAN)
17 Jeff (BAL) Bracken (HON)

Tekken 6
1 Kor (MIG) Crow (BOB)
3 Jojo (XIAO) Kaito (AK)
4 Link (NINA) Alphamale (STE)
5 Slim (BRU) Vick (LARS)
5 IceColdEdge (KING) DVK (PAUL)
7 AV (DJ) Delaney (ALI)
7 Rochellie (ASU) VoA (LEO)
9 Oscar Lozano (EDDY) Jason Reyes (BRU)
9 Agustin (ANNA) Con (JUL)
9 NME (BRU) 134 (BRY)
9 Mario (BRU) Jason (KING)
13 Teddy (BRU) Face (PAN)
13 Jorge (JACK) Bucktooth (LARS)

Soul Caliber 4
1 Link & Alphamale
3 DanMan(NIGHT) KingAce(ZAS)
4 IceColdEdge(Sieg) Agustin (MITSU)
5 Mistercox36(Kilik) Ghost(ASTA)
5 B-BoyTekken(YOS) C-Money (HIL)
7 Bez-Boy (XIANG) J_D-Elite (MITSU)
7 ChickenWing (AMY) CNP (VOL)

AMAZING TURNOUT! Props to Jonathan and Brian for helping me with running the tournament. Thanks to IllWill for bringing his TV to help out with the tournament. Thanks to Mistercox36 and B-Boy Tekken for hosting the SC4 Tournament. And thanks to everyone that showed up! It was a bit hectic at first, but we got the flow of things down. There will DEFINITELY be future Team Tournaments to come! Hit us up on Facebook at :

Also check out the next upcoming major!
(Test Your Skills 8) Neo/Cali vs Texas/Rudy [2000$ MM] Houston,Tx March/6/2010

Thanks again for supporting the scene!

This tournament was GODLIKE! Had over 100+ in attendance. Shoutouts to jojo and his team for putting on a good show. I will be supporting all of these events and will bring my mvc2 setup also:lovin:

Was fun, next time I’ll get you Jan. It’d be nice though if you guys could get all low-lag TVs next time.

tires don exits

Amazing tournament again, even bigger turnout than last time. A lot of good word is being spread about this venue. :slight_smile:

I didn’t play as well as I normally do and Jan had to powerhouse us through 3 top teams so major props to him for having to clutch it out so much. I wish Houston had a higher motivation to play SF4 seriously so we could collectively get better and be on the same level. Austin and Dallas representatives really impressed me, great stuff guys.

See you guys again for the next tournament, which will be for SSF4! :smiley:

MVP…RAPH FUCKING STYKER!!! That guy is a beast!

It was a good tournament, got off to a kind of random start though. Thanks Jojo for hosting and all my people from out of town who showed up an supported, I’ll keep you guys posted on any other tournaments in Htown.

this tourney was fun even though i didn’t get to enter cuz i had no partner only cuz i didn’t excpect to come, it was fun to meet the new orealns people shadow charlie and his friend(i forgot your name, i was the guy who was wearing a purplr shirt).

Good shit to everyone at the tourney. Thanx Jan for housing us:tup:. Hope to see alot of you doods soon. peace

thanks again rudy for carrying the team big daddy!!!

great stuff
good shit on 8$beer =}

I had fun, nice tournament! :smiley:

congrats rudy. way to rep sa… tough bracket it seems