Bar Setting Arcade Games?


I’m trying to find some good mame games for a bar setting really would love some mame ran slot machines but I wouldn’t know what games to run as I’ve never had my own personalized bar till it was finished today so I was curious if some people can throw some input in here.


Gals panic.

(this topic might not belong in Tech talk?)


Actually it is, Read the description of tech talk about emulation/roms, I’m pretty sure this falls under the guidelines

‘‘Talk about hardware, joysticks, emulators/roms , computers, HDTV, HDMI, and anything else that is cool.’’


Neo Turf Masters and League Bowling. Even if you’re not into “sports games” I promise they’re a lot of fun and go great with a cold brew. I don’t play sports games, I consider these addicting arcade games with a sports theme :slight_smile:




Any other suggestions?<br>


What type of games are you interested in cammy-white? Just betting / gambling / sports related or other arcade games?<br><br>Some landscape oriented arcade games I would recommend are Bubble Bobble, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, PacLand and Super Burger Time. Defender and Robotron (requires 2 sticks) are cool arcade classics. <br>


Sports/Gambling is #1 Betting stuff like that, It doesn’t have to just be MAME if you know good Casino Software too that would also be helpful.<br>


Shooting arcade like extreme hunting and some kind of punching game is best in bars. Puzzle games like Tetris and bubble bobble works too. Or classics like donkey Kong, galaga, and pacman.


Slower-paced strategy games like ATAXX might work well.<br>


Unfortunately I’m not up to date with betting gambling / games. Rufus reminded me of another great game with that name though - KLAX. A great game.<br>


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