BaraBariBall is an in-development fighting/sports game. Score by dunking the ball into the water on your side, lose points by falling into the water yourself. First to 3 wins.

There’s no public demo at the moment so there probably isn’t much to talk about in this thread yet, but get in touch if you’re interested in checking out the game in a private beta soon.


More info:


Oh, I also wanted to share a few vids from a 16 man tournament we ran at the indie booth during EVO this year:




this looks great!


This looks like a stripped down version of smash bros.


some spots you can play at:


Can’t you guys get an actual artist on the team instead of going with these obnoxious Atari 2600 graphics?


what, you got something against rectangles?


I’m really excited to play this this game. Is there any indication when it’s gonna be released?


Would love a playable demo or something of this. Tried it at EVO and was impressed by how well the movement was done, it’s a lot of fun.


Yeah I played this at evo and had a blast


big newz
release planz

I never thought I’d be lucky enough to be able to say this but BBB is coming to PSN BABY!

So now you can pre-order BaraBariBall (and three other mutliplayer games):

I’m not really sure what to do about a demo. You can get an early copy through the Kickstarter but I also will need to expand the beta testing group once things are a little further along, so just msg me if you want in.


Wow, that’s great news, guys! I wish you the best of luck, I’ll try to spread the word around.


This game is awesome.


hey we’re streaming BBB and the other sportsfriends games at twitch for the next couple hours, stop by !


and we’re streaming again tonight at 7:30, same link


You might want to be specific on which region.
Edit: meant to say timezone.


good point

7:30 PM EST

thirty minutes from now!


soooo I played this game at MAGfest, and it was awesome. simple, entertaining, strategic. BEAT ONE PERSON (ALMOST TWO!) in the OFFICIAL TOURNEY.

controlling the space around the ball and the opponent at the same time is very challenging, and the way you can make comebacks through knocking your opponent into the water as well as scoring is fantastic (although I should say this game does NOT have a comeback mechanic, it’s just possible outplay your opponent really well).

game is hype. real talk.



- i just posted this glorious new trailer with tons of footage from our tournament at UFGT
- i’ll be showing the game and running a 1v1 tournament at EVO next month. its free so sign up here if you’re gonna be in vegas.
- the “how to play” page has been updated with lots of new features & techniques


I’ve had my eye on this since last summer. This game looks really fun!