Baraka (Fullbody)

Well, here’s what i’ve got. Not sure if i’m done, but i don’t have a whole lot of time to work on it.
I changed the basic design some cause i always though those other spikes on this forearm looked akward.
Any and all comments welcome.

Shit is tight man.You should darken the back inside of his mouth to give more depth. Ping the darks under his armpits. I like that outline in red too. Overall slammin work. You should def post more.

the head piece looked flawless to me, but this is finished piece is just frikkin crazy!
excellent stuff jett, how do you get your colors to look so smooth and dreamlike? what techniques do you use to get that glossy look?

Perfect! Awesome! I am at lost for words!!:cool: :cool:

Jash: you’re one of the few ppl left around here who’ll understand this, but the level of this pic is on par with Remy’s. The colours are excellent, and the details are beautiful. Awesome piece.

one thing that I think would look better if his hands weren’t clenched into fists… maybe if they were half-open with the palms facing upwards? Seems to fit the maniacal laughter pose better imho. Just a nitpick though.

damn, this is great stuff. what’d you use to do this?


and here i thought the skill lvl in here was dwindellin good shit man.
rook said what i thought about the hands, but thats just preference to me. look foward to more pics.=]

it’s the shiznit!

Thanks for the comments!
Thanks for the suggestions (and i agree with em)and compliments, i’ll probably make the changes and upload the tweaked pic tonight or tomorrow. I hope to be posting more often cause i plan on practicng my painting skills a lot more.

Btw, congrats on the 1st SF comic contest, nice stuff(as always). I kinda forgot about it until i saw your stuff at the end of the issue and said “Nice! Thats SFMC’s!” Hopefully, i’ll be submitting some stuff for that too.

I mess around with the Bleed and Resaturation sliders in Painter to adjust how the colors interact with each other as i paint. As for the “glossy” look, it’s something that i’ve seen most recently in Hyung-Tae Kim’s work that i’ve been playing with a little bit. It has to do with the slight grey “underlighting” i think. If you look at Baraka’s left forearm, the darkest part is the outline of the form itself, and the edge of the shadow. That, coupled with the white(ish) highlights is what i think you’re talkng about…i think.

Hehe, thx!


Wow…thx! It’s already a great comp that some of you better artists (IMO) on this site dig my stuff…but that’s crazy, thx alot.

As for the hands, yeah, i thought about having them open too. The problem i had was that since i changed the position of the blades on the arms (so that they run off the side of the arm like the length of a tonfa), turning the palms up would put them at an akward position. And the way i have them now would look odd with open hands i think, so i decided to have them clenched.

Like i said earlier I used Procreate Painter 7. If you guys haven’t tried it, see if you can get your hands on a copy, it’s super-rad.

Well, thx again everyone, really. When i get these types of comments coming from people i really respect on the forum as artists, it means a lot.

Edit:I just saw that there were 2 more posts as i was writing this, thanks shadow and dread :slight_smile:

yeah i was especially interested in your coloring style because i saw many anime fan artists who use that technique which made me want to learn it too.
i dont have paint, just photoshop. is there a way to get the same effects using ps?

hice work dude nice and clean- Ditto the comments of what SFMC said-:)Rockin stuff …Wow!

I get it! :smiley:

Anyway…this is a great piece, Jash. I agree with the earlier crit about the mouth, but I really like this pic. Great colors and detail. Keep on drawing, my friend. :smiley:

LOL… which makes Wildcat an old-timer :slight_smile:
good to see ya again :slight_smile:

Haven’t had the chance to make/upload the changes…

I’m really not sure if there’s a way to easily duplicate the effect in PS. I may mess around with t sometime and post about it if i find anthing out.

Thx. :slight_smile:

Hey Wild, it’s been a while! Thx for the comment.

I may not be a regular, but I get that comment as well :p.

Anyways, with what’s already been said, it looks great, but his right foot looks a bit small, or odd really.

Bitchin none the less.