Bare bones computer?

My aunt needs a new computer, but all it needs to be able to do is run the internet, and maybe run microsoft office. Her budget is really small and I was wondering what would be the best option? Do barebones computers on include all the necessities to run stuff?

“barebones” usually means it’s just a case, mobo, cpu and RAM. Best to read the description carefully and see what’s included.

In terms of cheap, Acer offers some really cheap laptops, <$500

In NYC you can find a computer that will do that just sitting on the curb to be thrown away… I think your best bet is to go to a computer store and see what they charge for something like a PIII motherboard, a 20 GB HDD a CD drive, and a case, if that is all she will need. If she wants something more up to date… Newegg’s cheapest computer will be fine, or if you know how to put one together, you can do it even cheaper.

Just bought my dad one at a local computer store for $286. Celeron D 1.6GHz, 80GB HDD, CD Burner/DVD-ROM, 512MB RAM.

Didn’t come with monitor, keyboard, or mouse but you can usually find these lying around real cheap. Didn’t come with Windows XP either but… :wink:

I’ve found five computers in the trash over the past year, and made some mutts out of the parts for family members. Didn’t cost anything.

But if you have any computer shops nearby, you can get something for cheap. What Phamtq picked up would be more than enough, and that’s a good price.

And instead of buying programs, just use openoffice instead of microsoft office, grab avg free and firefox and you’re good to go.

Hmm i was wondering if someone could newegg research some stuff for me. I don’t really do barebones normally.

Here’s an ideal computer

P4 processor
some motherboard that supports the processor
512ish ram
Cd Drive


I just got a free P3 933 from someone that was going to throw it out. I upgraded it from 256 to 512MB RAM for real cheap and the thing is great.

The comp my mom is using is a celeron 667 that a friend of mine was throwing out. I wiped it clean, installed Win2k and she’s been using it happily to browse the web and use office.

Somewhere someone is getting rid of a perfectly good computer. Be there to grab it.

Check this out:

A used refurbished desktop comp, with a Pentium 4 1.7Ghz, 512MB ram, 40Gb HDD, 17" monitor, Xp professional, etc.

All for $174! I say get it :wonder: