BARF! River City Ransom 2 announced


River City Ransom 2 Coming This Summer (, 03.18.2011)

My favourite game of all time is getting a sequel. YES!

My expectations are high for this one.


quick thoughts

-it better be 2d, nes graphics if at all possible (and it is)
-psn/xbox live d/l like megaman 9 or something???
-hopefully midi music
-hopefully same composer
-hopefully longer


Just copy and paste Scott Pilgrim I guess.


Generic Dudes are go


This is great news. I loved RCR for the NES. :tup:


awesome news, I definitely have high hopes for this. I still have that super run, where due walks through the game mad quick, the trashcan is so beastly :rofl:


I thought RCR 2 was made for the Super Famicom (japanese SNES). It never came out in the States, but I played a rom of it.


Pretty much this. Just be sure to take out all the hispter and nerdcore shit and it will be infinitely better than Scott pilgrim.


However, I don’t know how they will go about beating the Sound Track to the game.

Who knows, it may be better…


Maybe they’ll get the same band who did that soundtrack? It’s not like they’re famous enough to be turning down work, lol.


man i dont wanna fight the twins again, compared to them simon, i think that was the dudes name was a big ol waste o time


You might be thinking of [media=youtube]I4kJiTDB5tM]YouTube - SNES Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun. It’s also part of the “[” series that encompasses River City Ransom, all the Japanese beat-'em-up Nekketsu games, and the sports spin-off games like Super Dodgeball and Nekketsu Baseball/Basketball/Soccer.

There’s a whole bunch of 'em. The very first game (which RCR was based on) was actually released in English arcades under the title Renegade, but they Americanized the heck out of it (dare to compare: [media=youtube]G2CJU4p4Cmc"]American]("[/media) / [URL=“”[/media]). There was also a GB game - Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun: Bangai Ranto Hen - but it was released in the US as “Double Dragon II” despite having nothing to do with either the NES Double Dragon II or any Double Dragon game at all aside from being made by the same company.

But I think what it all comes down to here is that RCR is the most popular game in the series internationally so that’s why it’s getting a “part 2” specifically.


lmao, ba-zing.


Lets hope it has online co-op unlike Scott Pilgrim.


That was the only reason I didn’t buy that shit. Everybody I know who lives nearby and games has prole tastes: Ea Sports football, basketball, and boxing only.


I was JUST thinking about RCR! About time another one of the Kunio-kun beat 'em ups comes to the states! Time to replay the original!


PC Online title too? I know the Korean one bottomed out, still hype for this one.

Also, someone buy the rights to this shit already!: [media=youtube]0ZkX1LEz_t0[/media]


LOL wow


Yes, that’s the one. I also remember playing a japanese rom that was basically RCR but set in feudal japan, I think.


this please