Madcatz 360 TE...$130 shipped

Remove this thread…my bad :slight_smile:

Newegg has had it for 129.99 shipped for a while and its a penny cheaper so that is a better deal :stuck_out_tongue:

That domain is hilarious… or maybe it’s just me. I can’t hear the word brother in that context without thinking of Undercover Brother. It doesn’t look all that legit to be honest with a graphical counter showing 4 hits.

Website is funny.

Their eBay, deluxe_enterprise, is only selling three items right now.
Three “Saved By The Bell” DVD sets.

Deluxe of SRK.
deluxe_enterprise of eBay.

Something the same?

It is legit…I can tell you because I am involved in it. I am a current Ebay seller…you can check out my 100% positive feedback…username: deluxe_enterprise

The reason I am selling on this site is because with all the Ebay fee’s I am only able to sell these on Ebay for $145 and I want to offer the best price.

These are brand new TE’s…you can check the Ebay feedback and see that somebody just bought one and loves it. I am an honest seller and would not scam anyone.

Yeah and I just sold a brand new TE for $145. Check that out.

I would just post these in the trading forum but since I’m not at my 6 months I can’t.

Yes, I saw that one sell for $145.

Well I knew there was connection.
I just pointed it out to show that you cannot sell anywhere on yet.
Trading Outlet or Tech Talk, you cannot sell on SRK until six months has passed from your Join Date.

I do feel you are real though.
You have that Console Warzone thing going on.

I never denied connection…all the post said was TE stick for $130 shipped at

I am lucky enough to have these sticks and be able to sell them for $130 shipped and this is the only way I can share it with the community other than word of mouth.

If you are not interested that’s fine but like I said I am an honest person and anyone who knows me can tell you that I stick by my word.

I did not know about the Tech forum rule, but I knew about the Trading forum one. I figured people post links to sites all the time so this would be fine, if not, my bad.

Thanks for the input though.

And yes I am running Console Warzone right now. Big things coming out of NY in the future so stay tuned.

Denied or confirm, honest or scam, you still cannot advertise a sale if you do not have at least Six Months from Join Date.

I just wanted to show that deluxe_enterprise has something with Deluxe.
And with Deluxe came a July 2009 Join Date.

July will be able to sell in January.

Just wanted to stop you from getting an Infraction.
Don’t want to possibly get Banned and then not be able to update about Console Warzone using Deluxe right?

Wouldn’t want your BargainBrother to be another Sanwa Parts USA.

ToyWiz is big.
Good luck.

Thanks a lot for the help. It was a honest mistake by me so this thread can be removed so I don’t get that infraction. Stay tuned for Console Warzone anyway.

Closing before this gets ugly.