Baroque Combos Give Your Opponent Less Gauge (w/ tested Percentages)

I noticed while playing a friend (one who baroques all the time) that attacks while in baroque give less super meter to the person being hit than normal attacks without a baroque.

So I did a test to see
I chose zero and entered training with a ryu as my dummy. I went up and used 5a until his super meter went up to 2 (when training started the dummy had 1 meter). So it took 39 5a’s from zero to get ryu up to 2 meters. Next i tried it with baroque on. Thanks to the turbo features on the Madcatz arcade stick it was easy. I used turbo with the assist and light attack buttons. It was 212 hits from 5a before his super meter rolled up to 2. (NOTE: in order to do this test free baroque must be on)

Now with a little math we can get some percentages
39 divided by 212 = .184 (rounded to the thousands place)
multiply .184 by 100 = 18.4
subtract that from a hundred and you get 81.6
So according to my math an attacker gives around 81.6% less super meter to an opponent while in baroque.

Note the one problem I had was that the first 5a’s didnt combo together while the baroqued 5a’s did and the baroque was constantly refreshed for the comboed 5a’s. However I think its irrelevant because I tested other full combos and baroque combos. The baroque combos still gave significantly less super meter.

To everybody on the forums:
Go ahead and test it yourself and check my math for errors. I will answer any questions as well. Help is appreciated!!! :tup:


The amount of red gauge an attacker has during a baroque does not effect how much super meter the opposition recieves. In simple terms, it doesnt matter if you have 10% or 50% red gauge the opponent is still gonna recieve the same amount of super meter.

Credits to frustratedsquirrel for your inquiry

awesome discovery.

Wow, now that is interesting…and does the amount of baroque seem to count towards anything?

This is actually extremely significant. Zero was the worst character to try and test this with if you’re going to use 5a’s. If the combo resets every hit, of course there’s going to be different results. If it still works, that’s cool, but I would not trust the 39 vs. 212 number.

I noticed that as well, but I hadn’t gotten around to testing it yet. I did do some meter testing though.

Any move has a small meter reward for being thrown out. If the move connects, the game rewards 5x the amount of just throwing out the move. That said, a connecting move rewards a total of 6x that of a move just thrown out (1x for doing the move and 5x for connecting).

Getting hit by a move rewards extremely close to 3/5 the amount that the attacker gets (attacker will be at 5 meter when the player getting hit is at 3 meter).

I can’t remember fully what the blocker gets, but I believe it’s equal to the amount that the attacker gets for throwing the move out. I’ll have to double check at some point, but that’s what my memory tells me.

Contrary to what I’ve read, push blocking does not reward extra meter.

I checked with a larger red guage and it ended up still being the same amount of hits. So the amount of baroque doesn’t matter. I also added this to the first post.

I understand that the 39/212 is hard to swallow but really after looking at normal combos vs baroque combos it is a pretty significant drop in the amount of gauge given. 80% I beleive is pretty close.

I suppose I could use a specific combo over and over to see how many i can fit in. Then do baroque versions and see how many it takes, I guess…???
Maybe I could just baroque one at a time… I think the free baroque option will let you.
I wish this game had a perma-baroque in training.

However I am still looking for a better way to test this. Do any of the characters have a combo that gives a full guage w/out super???

Awesome Im gonna test this idea out. Damn this game is such a gauge f*** fest.
If its true Ill added it to the first post tommorow or so.

Now That I think about it in order to get this all sorted out I need to test how much meter a defender gets on block and on hit. As well as how much meter is gained when an attackers move wiffs, connects, and when its blocked…

Multi hit normals, specials, multi hit specials…??? sigh
Thank god supers dont build meter… except Zeros Shogenmu (second image super).

So I guess now it is eaiser to accept the method of baroque punish? (5a or 2a connects and you baroque that hit and then start the combo, you baroque on the first hit of the combo.)

80% that is crazy. So with the 3/5 to 5/5 and the -80% for baroque combos, you should really not be touching people not in baroque mode just to help keep your opponet away for gaining too many bars from long combos. I mean yeah you will lose a rep out of the combo but with the looks of it, it could make the difference between them ever gaining enough bar to stop the combo.

And VAR’s are crazy on meter build. Light, Medium, Heavy, Hyper Bomb from alex gains a full bar on var. Super safe from one bar.

Exactly Stan, Baroque has two advantages, it gives extra damage and denies opponents from getting meter. So in a way baroque is a comeback as well as a tool for staying ahead.The question I have is when does that leave time to switch characters and build health is that worth it?

I also checked to see how much meter was gained and given, on hit with ryu’s normals. They gave about 62%-ish to an attacker and the other 38%-ish to the defender. A little less than a 3/2 ratio. I dont have the numbers on hand but i will post them soon.

@ Sirami
I tested out your theory, I couldnt get quite as close ratio wise.
Ryu’s C (hard attack) gained him a little meter when his animation began and than a big chunk of meter when it hit. I believe its safe to assume that you get meter when a move activates and proportionally more meter when it hits. Its may be that both the attacker and the opponent get the same meter for the hit, but the attacker gets the extra meter for activating the attack.

I have an interesting question for you guys.
How much is in one super meter???
Any ideas of super meters basis or how to test it?

On a side note, does anyone know how to change a threads title???

Edit the first post, then click “Go Advanced”.

Very good findings BTW.