Baroque Resets

Sorry if I’m touching on old ground here, it’s been a while since I was in here, but I just noticed that this is actually possible. The last I remember was people taking about it, theorising and kind of saying they noticed it happen, but I don’t remember anything solid on it.

Anyway, what I noticed was that the time that it takes for Baroque to deactivate isn’t always consistant with the recovery of the opponent. I always assumed that if you pull out a move too late after a BRQ and the game recognises that it didn’t combo, it shut of the red life percentage and you stopped glowing. Well, this isn’t totally true.

I was messing around with Doronjo before and accidentally misstimed my combo, but I noticed that the reset version actually done more damage than it normally would, meaning the option to retain red life damage is actually possible. This was the combo and the numbers, the (useless) reset is 2B after the BRQ and is timed later to create the effect.


IAD-C > 2B > 5C > 623A/C > BRQ > 2B > 5C > 2C > 214A/C > 66 > A > B > C


IAD-C > 2B > 5C > 623A/C > BRQ > pause > 2B > 5C > 2C > 214A/C > 66 > A > B > C

6320 + 24602 = 30922

Again, sorry if this has already been discussed, but I didn’t notice any threads on it. I was wondering how this could be better apllied to gameplay, it clearly shows promise, characters with standing overheads might benefit from it quite well…

i was noticing yatterman had some but I didnt really think they did enough damage especially since he is so able to mixup after his air chains in various ways.

probubly depends alot on the character as to weither its worth the baroque.

Seems kinda variable though. you want the have enough red life so that you do a bunch more damage with the reset than a basic combo and you want to have less red life than if you would just kill them with a baroque combo. So you would need both your red life and their remaining life to be in a certain range for this to be worth attempting at all. also depends on opponents ability to megacrash in some cases and how dangerous it is for you to attempt. I dont think i have good enough awareness for this kind of mixup.


Baroque reset scenario on Souki vs Karas

Woh, that was practically 100%. Think I’m going to have to mess around with this a bit more.


That was terrible there was no mix up and he would have killed him anyway without it. he just messed up and the karas happened to not be holding back. it was like 40% baroque too.

am i missing something?

not saying there isnt merit to doing some kindof reset off baroque just saying this video isnt an example of that.

It’s not an example of a good mix-up, but it’s an example of how effective resseting with BRQ could be in general had it been a good mix-up… Wow at damage potential, not at the way it was “performed…”

PTX is a good example of this with rockets. 3C > wait a bit, then fire a rocket (with 236 B or C), baroque just before the rocket hits. They’ll have no choice but to eat the baroque’d rocket (or megacrash) cause they’ll still be in hitstun long enough before they can act again and there’s no ground to super jump out of. You can also do this once you’ve defeated one character and anticipate the next one. Even more deadly is that you can always combo into the lv 3 after the rocket.

Or if they don’t have enough for a megacrash, a 2C (which usually does more damage than a level 3 if you have a lot of red life after doing this trick, which is quite probable if you’ve been doing your megacrash grab tricks in the corner.)