Baroque Tactics

Seeing as Baroque is a pretty useful tool (though it’s getting a change in the new version of Tatsunoko vs Capcom, “less potent[?]”), I really have no idea what else I could do with such a tool besides extend my combos.

Watching a new video of Doronjo, who I usually use now, versus Frank West, Doronjo can BBQ her 236, 263, and etc. specials into even bigger combos, one example being calling her pig bomb (which was sped up nicely) and setting it right behind the enemy, making sure they both can’t get away and will get combo’d into the explosion, BBQ, then following up after a nice BnB to her aerial 261 (or whatever dragonpunch back is) and follow up even more, probably into layback 2C and then a super with DHC or etc.

Any universal tactics for Baroquing worth noting, or important combos out of BBQ? When to use it, when not to, and how it affects you? I really can’t figure out how to tag out with Baroque through an Aerial Rave. =_=

in an aerial rave its just 236p to do the tag out hit. it needs some bars.

Imagine you really ****ed up and you’re about to get punished BADLY, like say, with an infinite. Sacrifice your red life to baroque and you’ll instantly cancel whatever you’re doing and you’ll be able to block.

Posts 59-63 will really help the new commers to the way of the sauce, aka BBQ, aka Baroque. Once you can understand what is being said in those posts( it is all kind of in a weird new TvC language) you will start to see the best ways to use Baroque for your players.

Just know, something as simple as Soukis moves that have super armor, to a standing heavy attack that got blocked, all use Baroque in the same way… To make it saucy!!!

“You better sprinkle a little sauce on that shit and make it tight!!!”

Edit: Sorry for not saying this before.

With Doronjo, a great way to use chip damage Baroque, (when she gets hit by a Ryu fireball or the like) is to call a tree bomb and Baroque it so you can jump and call the other goon from the air to lock them down and make sure that the bomb at least connects for chip damage.

Full screen this is a really great tatic because if the rock goon hits then you know that the bomb will more than likely hit also and they will be in free fall for combos that you like.

You can also Baroque the grounded rock goon, dash back and call a tree goon with cover. <- Only works mid to full screen because it takes a minute for the rock to be thrown, unless your opponet does not know you can hit the goon and the attack will stop, in that case you can do it right next to them also.

You essentially have three kinds of baroque:

chip damage baroque, with which you have a tiny sliver of red life. Chip damage baroque is best used for cancelling your moves for getting in or getting out. PTX can use it to cancel his riot tackles and get up close to the opponent, wheras someone like Ryu can do two hadoukens in quick succession and then move in behind them. It’s not smart to use this for combos because you’ll do less damage.

Mid baroque: when you have about 10% baroque. It’s usually best to just hang on to this unless you really need it. Used for combos mainly.

omgwtfbbq baroque: you have a ton of red life. Using it could allow you to kill the opponnet in 4 hits. but arg! they have megacrash! I don’t want to risk wasting so much red life, should I just switch to my partner and recover, or try to harass them into using their meter?