Are you reading this? If not why not? The time it took you to click this thread and read this post is time that could have been spent picking this gem up. This comic is so dope I’d let it date my mom.


I will do this only because you say so.

Plus I feel bad that The Boys got canceled, so I don’t mind supporting a Garth Ennis comic.

I’ve never heard of Goran Parlov in my life though - what’s his deal?




For something that was in Ennis’ wheelhouse, The Boys blew ass. The characters were uninspired, the story dragged, and it wasn’t even fun to read. Good riddance. Goes back reading old Hitman issues

Goran Parlov filled for Pia Guerra on Y-The Last Man.


I won’t lie…I only read four issues, but it seemed like standard (almost stereotypical) Ennis fare. Like that whole, “down with superheroes” things, ridiculously extreme violence, gratuitous sexual perversion for no reason…surprised I didn’t go down well.

I did seem to move at a Bendisian pace even in the four issues I read (the characters are introduced and…that’s it) so I don’t doubt your assessment of it.

Still, it’s always good to keep guys like Garth Ennis working and putting books out.


He’s still got Midnighter for Wildstorm, Chronicles of Wormwood, and 7 Brothers for Virgin comics.

…besides, he’s Irish, he just need a pint of Guiness and some boiled potatoes once in a while to survive.


Pretty much.


Haha, Freudian slip…?