Barrie Ontario Scene


Well I’m personally taking it upon myself to get a Barrie (ontario) Scene up and running and already have my prizes for the first tournament I’ll be hosting (hopefully soon I’ll have more details soon as I find a suitable venue with breathing room) by this time next year I’m banking on being a permanent fixture in the community.

The Group is called Top Tier Tournaments

The first tournament is forming up now from what I can tell.

Ok, so here we go, the details so far are as follows;

Venue Fee of 4$ to get in the door, 10$ to participate in the SFIV tournament
I will be bringing my copies of other games but for this 1st time they’ll just be there to muck about or possibly have some exhibition matches.

The pot this 1st time will be 100% of the collected Tournament entrance fee will be split 60/30/10. In the future (Next year) The Pot will be 90% of collected Tournament Entrance Fee with the remaining 10% being put into the following tournament’s pot as incentive to attend next time for a chance at a bigger prize. We may adjust that in the future as we grow or if we want to add things like fightsticks, copies of games, and whatnot to the top spot.

I’m already planning to hold a tournament for the launch day of SF4 (2) if and whenever it comes out with copies going to top 3 for their system of choice.

Now for the rules.

The game will be Street Fighter 4

Button checks will be allowed, as will button remapping, however only default button mapping is allowed, (hp, mp, lp, hk, mk, lk, 3xp, 3xk)

Pauses, home buttons, menu button pushes will all result in a round loss.

A SET is the Standard best of 3 matches of best of 3 rounds. 99 timer, no handicaps, no character bans.

1 v 1 in a best of 3 matches with the default settings of best of 3 rounds 99 timer, Here after referred to as a SET. You may change character anytime you want except after you win a game.

example 1st round you pick Ken and lose, next game you switch to Ryu and win. You have to stick with Ryu for the 3rd game and thereby winning the SET. When you play your next opponent you can use whoever you want.

Arcade sticks are permitted, you are encouraged to bring your own, we’ll work out a stick rental service if required. I myself have two madcatz sticks both an SE and a TE. The SE has been modded and brought up to snuff with the TE for the most part. In the future as I’ve said, we’ll be offering dual modded sticks as top prize.

Coaching is not allowed

Please remember to respect your opposition and conduct yourselves accordingly guys, I don’t want to have to ban/DQ people at our first event. Constructive criticism is permissible, abusive/unsporting language is not. Physical contact is absolutely a 100% surefire way to get yourself banned, and if necessary will put yourself at the receiving end of legal action (this is all common sense but still needs to be stated)

As a courtesy the everyone there will be hand sanitizer supplied, these sort of events tend to spread illness rather readily. Hopefully we can minimize/prevent that so everyone can enjoy themselves during and after the event.

Also Take a friggen shower and brush your teeth before you show up, like this shouldn’t even have to be stated but I know it does need to be said.

We’ll keep it small-scale this first one to get the feel of how this is going to go, I don’t want to build expectations and promise things that can’t be delivered upon, next time (and there will be many more next times), The goal is to steadily grow the local scene and make Barrie a force to be reckoned with. Help make this happen.

The prospective venue for this tournament is hopefully going to be held at OMG! Games and Collectibles, Massive thanks go out to Rob Johnson for agreeing to be the venue this time around. Treat this place like your home people, I want to be able to use this place until we get too big.
Damages, Theft, Vandalism, Vulgarity will not be tolerated at all and willl be dealt with harshly.
OMG! Games and Collectibles Facebook group:

If you haven’t already you should head on over to Art’s Hobbies and check out some of the goods and services he offers the Fighting game community.
Art’s Hobbies;

To keep you coming back, at the door we will be taking names and/or Gamer-Tags, Handles, PSN Ids, etc… for a sort of thanks for coming out gift which can be viewed here. (Optional)
Key chain:


I’m from Barrie


Haunter: welcome. Best of luck in growing your local scene. It may prove harder than you realize at first. We’re always looking to add more players to the GTASF.

Teddy; don’t be a jackass.


Good luck dude! you’ll find some people especially those that play 4!



XBL it up.


add me


Damnit! Gamestop only has 2 copies of KOF12 per system tomorrow… as if I need to go line up 1st thing in the mornin…


Same. Lets play SF4 some time.


Big ups to HaunterV for repping Barrie. Do it up!

Post everywhere! Gamefaqs, RedFlagDeals, local colleges you can find players everywhere. They are all coming out of the woodwork now.


Can Do.

Anyone know of a local SF4 machine or what? I got a bunch of systems so yeah i can pretty much host my own tournaments…

I’m working as fast as i can… :stuck_out_tongue:


Status update for those interested in the OP


Hey I live in the City. I even work at a game store. my email is

we can let a group of people going to play the game with. Add me


Yoo. Barrie scene? YEAH YEAH! I’m from Newmarket…so thats in between Toronto and Barrie… ^^ I’d love to hit up Barrie if your gonna run a local tourney there.


Certainly, Join the Facebook group since I update that more often than this thread at the moment. I kind of just want to keep this for final details and results for the time being.


Posting for support and welcome, ill definately be hitting barrie up


i know a girl that goes to school in barrie.

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The First tournament just needs some confirmations then I can make a date and get this first one out of the way.

If anyone has any friends in the area or are willing to come up from Toronto, spread the word, i’d be very grateful.

But does she play? :confused:


GG’s Haunter. . . you gotta stop doing random ultra’s midscreen. Even if they sometimes hit, theres nothing scrubbier than random ultra.

Also you need to work on zoning people out with sagat, use standing hard kick more, standing medium kick. Keep people out with Tiger shots and Tiger Knee’s.


yeah, im serioiusly trying to choke and kill that bastard child of a bad habit of panic ultras.


Updated the thread with the preliminary details of our upcoming tournament. As soon as we get enough people that are willing to attend, we’ll announce a date.