Barrie Thread 2010 - 2011

Event:(February 14) Midnight release launch party for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 February 14th at midnight OMG games (130 bell farm road unit 10) Pre orders are available at the store for both PS3/Xbox 360 regular and collector editions. Purchase the game eat some snacks play the game all before the average player only at OMG Games Barrie.

Tournament: (March 5) / First Saturday of each month tournament


What: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Singles double elimination tournament

When: March 5 2011

Registration: 10:00am 11:00am tournament starts (pre registering available via email or phone call to Saturday Fight Nights)

Where: OMG Games Barrie Ontario 130 Bell farm road unit 10

Venue Fee: $5 dollar venue fee at the door or free for those who pre ordered through the store

Registration: $10 for those who are playing (1st 60% 2nd 30% 3rd 10%)

Contact Info OMG Games and collectibles: 705-721-GAME

          Saturday Fight Night Organizer PHONE- 705-252-8021

Note: Doubles Tournament looks to be a go, Also 1V1 grudge matches in the planning. To make a grudge match in the official schedule inbox me with between you and who and for what.

UPDATE Live stream in the planning

Get Hype!!!

Reserved :slight_smile:

There’s a Barrie thread already… I guess this can be the new 2011 thread, since there’s not too many posts in the other one.

Alright a thread we can finally start using! A step up from the facebook group I would say

We advertised this thread to all the players here in Barrie, our growing community will finally hit the interwebz

Everyone make sure you can come out and and try to tell all your friends about this if they even have any interest in fighting games. lets make this as big as we can and get our fight on!

I also fund this.

Still can’t wait til it comes out lol needa do some mad practicing with an arcade stick

Midnight launch for MvC3 in Barrie! deal with it. and @ the moderators, you can always merge the threads.

Merge? explain :slight_smile:

UPDATE: New poster flyer for rob | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

We should get that printed off and put some on Dunlop.



Dear Barrie Residents:

What say you to an HQ? not just somebody’s living room or one day a month at a store (no offense intended) but a dedicated center running 18 hour days and tournaments for just about any and every game that has a following? It’s always been a dream of mine to resurrect arcades in NA and this is pretty much the next closest thing. I do plans but before i sink any sizable sums of money into this idea i’d like to test the water so to speak and get a reading on viability.

we have literally hundreds printed off on nice nice nice paper. in fact there are a couple lunch truks in Barrie that are driving around with them

Hey guys,

Looking forward to trying to make it out to your MVC3 tourney in March. Would be great to meet some of the Barrie players.

yooo come to the midnight release if you actually LIVE in barrie see us then get a feel for the crowd

Check this thread out if you are up for participating in Canada wide rankings for 3S/CVS2/MVC2/ST/HF/CE/A3/A2.

It’s to get people interested in the older games again.

Don’t worry if there are only a few of you in your region for any particular game, everyone is pretty much in the same boat in that regard.

unless all your guys came to our area and played >.> then there would be more

“Thread bump”

Regardless of what people think, the tournament is still happening this weekend, hope to see everyone there.