Barrie Thread 2010


It’s a Brand new Year.

Let’s Find Some Brand New Players Barrie.


Hey, I heard this street fighter game is pretty good. I might take a break from Modern Warfare 2 for it. Does anywhere sell the te sticks anywhere? All I can find is the game disc at Zellers. I can’t wait to play Vega again!


WELL RickyTse if that is your Real name. You can buy the TE Sticks from EB Games Where I work in our Georgion Mall.


I dare anyone to prove theyre a better akuma than me


I Dare someone who Doesn’t Play at the House of Rob to Post in this Thread… Anyone


Looks Like were Better Known in Toronto then our own City.

Man we live in a awesome City!


My friends and I have a pretty good group of players in Orillia. I currently live in toronto now for school but Im up every so often and we’re always down for playing


It’s just that noone wants to admit they are from Barrie :stuck_out_tongue:


Im from Innisfil 30 mins away from Barrie if you want to play add me Gamertag: Kohdey
i have a good fei long, Balrog, Ken, and Sakura


Wow this is really cool. We should all get together sometime and have a SF night. It’ll be fantastic. By the time Super comes out we’ll have two TVs dedicated for street fighter so we could probably pull off some awesome stuff. How many of you guys are there out in Orillia and Innisfil?


You’re all free


Anyone down for some casuals? im in Newmarket not to far from barrie


i don’t know where to put this so i thought Barrie was as far NW as possible.

I’ll be going up to muskoka to the cottage this weekend for about a week. If there’s any players out there, I can possibly play a day or 2 during the week.

PM if you wants to game


this thread sucks


Hey. I’ve been looking around for players all week and yet somehow I didn’t think of checking SRK >.> Smart, self.

So uhm, I’m in/near Barrie and if there’s anyone around who plays anything, I’d be interested to join D: Toss me a message or something~


Hey if anybody around Barrie wants to get some super sf4 in on weekends I get out(BMq) and u have sticks pm me plz



Just a heads up that York Region Street Fighter (YRSF) is collaborating with Microplay Video Games in Newmarket and hosting Casual matches on Sunday Dec 5th from 1 to 7 p.m.

Details of the venue:

As this is their inaugural hosting there will be door prizes!
The store is located at 16700 Bayview Ave. on the SW Corner of Bayview and Mulock

Venue type: Video Game Specialty Retail Store
Fee: $5.00
Format: Casuals
Setups: Four 21? Sony LCD TV?s running Xbox 360 and PS3
Sticks and Pads are available however bringing your own is recommended.
**Pre-registration discount of $1.00 if you register by phone at 905-898-8282 or via email at
Check for additional details.

Hope to see some Barrie players come out!