Barrie Thread: Friday Casuals

So this is the new barrie thread so that we can keep up to date.

Currently we dont have many regular players but we’re always accepting new people :slight_smile:

Friday casuals:
When: Every Friday at 6:00 p.m. until around 11:00 sometimes later
Where: 70 Sanford St. Barrie Ontario, left side of the house up the stairs is the door.
What: Come play fighting games for a while, meet new people, up your game, be the best.

I really hope we can get a solid scene going. See you all there.

We had BBQ ya’all missed out

BBQ tonight as well guys. show up for some fighting game action.

Tomorrow is another casuals session. BBQ is up and running with hotdogs and sausages, or you can bring your own stuff to BBQ if you’d like.

Our setup is one flatscreen TV with an Xbox/PS3/Super nintendo/Wii running whatever games you guys want. feel free to come join us for some good times and practice.