Bas A cc for Kyo

I forgot what it was but it was an activation after jump in hk,, double lift kicks (rh). I don’t remember if you have to jump and then activate or just activate on the ground after lifting the guy. Then there was a buttload of attacks, I remember a RED kick in the middle of everything, then before the meter ended you had to do another rh lift kicks into the dp motion+rh to dizzy the guy, jump in hk, standing hk, double rh lift kicks, f+hp, rekkas into ground pound. Did insane damage. Anyone know the actual cc itself?

I know what CC you’re talking about but there is a much easier version of that actually. I’m not sure if BAS’ CC dizzied people higher than a stun of 60 but the one I do when I get the chance stun characters with 60 or under (not sure anyone has stun under 60). but here it goes.

Mid - Corner CC

Jumping Roundhouse, Crouch FierceXXinto qcf+Forward Kick (x2), Dp+Jab Activate.

*At this point you should be in the corner if so do…
Dp+Strong into a whiff (Stand Roundhouse to stay on the ground and hit the opponent. (rep 6)
hcb+ Roundhouse KickXX Qcf+Forward Kick (x2): (its important that you perform this right as the CC ends) Custom END

Pause a sec and do Fierce DP. This should dizzy them:
Then do, Jump Roundhouse, Stand Roundhouse into qcf+Roundhouse (x2) Toward+Fierce into qcf+Strong,hcb+ Strong (Whiffs) then Toward+Strong (aka Ground Pound).

If you’re not necessarily in the corner upon activation, deviate back to the OG AA CC which would be (Strong dp XXd,ddf rh (Whiff)) until you are in the corner, then go into the stated CC. There are variants of the custom with ground pound being a catalyst for an OTG by low Forward into QCf+Forwards at the end of the CC. You can mess with that if you like.

Thats my custom, well the custom I do IF I can a jump in opportunity.Does just about the same damage. But not RED. I want to learn that custom since it has RED though. I hope this helps, sorry.

Here’s the combo: jump in HK, s.HKXXqcf+HK, HK -> dp+MK -> (activate) dp+MPXXcr.HP, three jumping punches (don’t know which ones, not important), cr.HPXXrekka sequence (whiffs), otg punch -> cr.MK, s.HKx2, cr.HK, s.HKXXrdp+LK (I’m assuming it’s the lk RED kick, I can’t tell exactly but that makes the most sense), cr.MK, cr.HPXXdouble kick stun blah blah blah

Anyway he does a bunch of bullshit then throws in a sweep, far roundhouse canceled to the RED kick, then does a low forward which hits for some reason and finishes the combo like that. I don’t know why he can hit them off the ground after the RED kick, I seem to remember trying it and not having any luck with it. It would be a lot easier to get them back on the ground with that than with the otg rekka sequence though.

blah, blah, blah, etc… etc…

That’s really helpful alright… :lol:

Well sorry, that’s not really the important part of the combo… it’s easy to imagine what he does after stunning him. Though in this case the rest of the combo is: stun with dp+HP -> j.HK -> s.HKXXqcf+HK, K -> qcf+LP -> hcb+P -> P

Anyway I saw another thread somewhere where the RED otg thing is explained. Basically it has to do with him doing the first otg trick in the cc, and then the “otg property” flag of the move never gets reset, so you can hit them when they’re on the ground with the cr.MK after the RED kick.

Nah nah I already know what blah blah blah should be. I already said what should be done after the stun. Thanks for the help guys.