Base Vegeta Thread - I Have No Use for Saiyans That Can’t Loop


~ = Delay

Solo Combos

METERLESS (Anywhere):

  • 2M5M > jMLL2H xx SD > jMLL2H > jcLLL
    ○ 4185 damage; sliding knockdown

  • DR > jMLL2H > jcLLL
    ○ 2892 damage; sliding knockdown

METERLESS (Near Corner):


METERLESS (Self-Cornered):

1-BAR (Fullscreen OR Midscreen)

Assist Combos


2M5M > Air Combo Starter Setups

3-BAR (Fullscreen OR Midscreen)


2M5M > Air Combo Starter Setups

5H Starter Setups

METERLESS (Fullscreen or Midscreen)

1-BAR (Fullscreen OR Midscreen)

3-BAR (Fullscreen OR Midscreen)



  • Moves canceled into Vanish Attack that jails if timed correctly (true blockstring)
    ○ 236L & j236L (similar to SSJ Vegeta)
    ○ S & jS
    ○ 1S & 2S & j1S & j2S
    ○ 236S

  • Use 214M xx VA > 214S for specific punishes or combo conversions that will lead into 214S command grab follow-ups. The follow-up will build much more meter than 214H~6 > 214S and it does the same damage.

  • 236M is 5L/5M punishable even from fullscreen when the opponent’s back is at the corner. While decent with Assists (risky with Vanish Attack since it does not jail), if the opponent is in the corner or if very far midscreen and Base Vegeta does not have the Assists available to gain momentum, DO NOT use this.

  • In most combos involving an air hits into Level 1 Super, it is mostly consistent to do j2H xx Level 1 rather than jS xx j236L, j236L, or j236M if too many hits were landed and Base Vegeta is too high over the opponent.

  • In combos involving loops, strings that have a low amount of hits applied can usually get a total of FOUR jS, and this is including jS from EVERY portion of the entire combo, with exception to combos that start off with jS really early rather than normals. If a lot of time has passed and/or many hits have came into play within the combo, reduce it to THREE jS in total.
    ○ General take home message: Few too many hits = THREE jS in total.

  • If another teammate Z-Changes in Base Vegeta mid-combo, loops are still possible. Only aim for THREE jS or lower in the entire combo in this case.

  • Rooflemonger’s Base Vegeta Combo Guide

How to loop

Base Vegeta loops ([jL~LS] x?) are necessary in getting the most of the character, and may serve to be tricky to get it down consistently. Two hard parts exist within the loop. One is getting the timing down for the delays of the jL~L portion, and the other is linking jL right after jS. Below are some notes to help:

  • The idea is to have Base Vegeta below the opponent’s waist (near the feet) so that the 2nd jL (in jLL) can provide the auto-homing properties needed to help boost Base Vegeta up high enough to get the jS to land. Afterward, Base Vegeta is near the shoulders of the opponent, and needs to go down a bit, so a delay is almost always needed for the loop to work.

  • When initiating or repeating the loop, after a jS, it helps to double-tap the first jL just to make sure that it will link accordingly.

  • jMS, a string that may show up just before the loop occurs, usually has to be done as fast as possible. Double-tapping the jM here would be beneficial in this case.

  • Video tutorial resources:
    Rooflemonger’s tutorial


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