Based Bouts XBL Tournament: Season 1 Discussion Thread


A weekly online tournament organized by SRK members, for SRK members. The emphasis is on improving rather than winning. Skullbox will use the Swiss-system, meaning that everyone will get a chance to play and no one will be knocked out early.

This thread is for discussing season 1 the tournament, not signing up. Please keep that in mind when you post. Of course, you could say if you are or aren’t going to be playing this week, but it’s not an official signup – that’s for IRC on Sunday.

Based Bouts will be run by different people on a weekly basis. It’s completely volunteer driven, so if you’re willing to volunteer your time it would be greatly appreciated. You can still enter if you are running the Challonge – but if a bracket runner decides to cheat the brackets, please get to me via PM and we’ll work it out.


[]Every player must add SkullgirlsSRK to their friend list; no exceptions!
]You must checkin to IRC 30 minutes before the tournament begins or you will be removed from the bracket. There is no early sign up, and the brackets won’t be live until 4 so don’t ask.
[]Your IRC nick must be the same as your XBL gamertag
]Best 2 out of 3
[]Winner must keep his/her team, but may change assists.
]If the connection is bad and neither player wants to finish the set, they may decide on a draw.
**When: **
Every Sunday for 9 weeks. Be sure to add SkullgirlsSRK to your friends list; this makes it easier for the volunteers running the brackets to tell if you’re online or not, and for other players to find you for matchmaking.

Based Bouts will begin at 9:00 PM GMT (4:00 PM EST).

You must checkin on IRC or you will not be included in the brackets. There is no early registration, and if you show up after 4 you cannot be added to the brackets; I didn’t write the software Challonge uses, so don’t complain to me.

Join #skullgirls-xbl on efnet to keep in contact (or click the link in my signature to chat on IRC from your web browser.) Please make sure your nickname is also your XBL gamertag, as to avoid confusion. Match reporting will be done through IRC. Make sure not to overwhelm whoever is running the bracket; they’re (most likely) competing in the tournament, too.

For Volunteers:
Let the IRC channel know when you are done with your matches so they can report to you. Don’t get overwhelmed; the results will still be there, even if you don’t rush through it.

I’m also trying to figure out how challonge groups work, if anyone knows anything please PM me. Currently I’ve created the Skullgirls Based Bouts group ( - if there’s some way for you to join this group, please do.

Seasonal Standings:
Every week points will be awarded based on placement. At the end of the season, everyone’s points will be tallied up and top 3 will be announced here! Points are awarded as follows:

[]10 points for first place
]5.1 points for second place
[*]2.6 points for this place
Previous Volunteers(Special Thanks!):
Scrub Saibot

Previous Results:

Please lock thread

GT: OmniSScythe


I’m in, gt in Sig :slight_smile:


GT: xN1Sx Assassin


Coop da shoop


In three days… there will be blood. Hope not too much if it is mine :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m down.

GT: mimeman1


GT: banananap


Sign me up!
GT: Domo is special


I’m down, havent had a chance to play in a while so I’ll likely be dominiated but I’m willing.

GT: joe2187


I need to put an end to that rumor that I’m good at this game.(or any game!)


Thread updated. If you’re planning on playing tomorrow, make sure your name is at the bottom of the original post.

EDIT: Also, I’m not going to be playing in these for a few weeks, the wireless at home is pretty flakey and the contractor we hired forgot to run an ethernet to my room before closing the wall. So until I have the cash for a powerline adapter, I’ll solely be running this.


Would like to get in on this if I still can.
GT : AdoringElm6135


Brackets are all set up. And I’m just letting you guys know, you have a 10 minute period after the rounds are announced to start playing your next round. Or at least get in contact with me about needing some time.

You can contact me on IRC (see OP/sig) or at Pobega on XBox Live


where/how can we view the brackets


When they’re finalized I’ll post them here/on IRC. I’m handling the brackets through Challonge.


cool thanks for the update


I want it if it’s not too late, GT = djteiibear


Update: This IS starting in an hour. Get to IRC (link in sig)!


TOurnament is started! Brackets located here: