BASED DRAWING SWAG (let that boy draw)


gonna post up some shit because i like showing off


thanks for looking. stay based.

SRK Lounge: Can we please lay off the Maxxvatars?



Yo these is TOUGH. Mad #RARE. If i need cover art I might hit up.


Magnus, Hayato(?), n Big Daddy are pretty sick


At first I didn’t respect the “SWAG” under your name at all.
Now I see that you deserve it.
Stay #BASED as the Based God would be proud.


Thanks blokes!

I have gotten into the habit of drawing a body in full, even if its going to be covered up by clothes later, it helps alot more than youd think. also been in a batman mood lately

just a little sketch for a warm-up



I clicked on the thread, because the title made me laugh…

…then I went inside and saw some actual #Based ass drawing.



Draw Lil B and send it to his Twitter Facebook or Dior Paint. He loves #BASED art.


i will have to do that! XD

in the meantime, bought a cheap-o scanner at walmart!

heres what i do at work



At first I just thought you were that guy who posts the best comments in the forums. But I can see now that you are a true artist in both the commenting and art.

I’am impressed, great work sir.

Great style too btw with the marvel/miller/romita influences.


dat Kinnikuman…!


I’ll be honest, I only liked the first post because the thread title is too sick, but your drawings are really great too. I particularly like the last one.





Lol “I’ve got mad hops”. This shit is great.


warm ups before working on a few musclemen of my own <3


and progress before bf3


“Ho Ho Ho. Come at me, Motherfucker.”


wow, i love your style man


Awesome style! Love it.


thanks guysss!!! im always open for commissions if anyones interested. PM for details

inspired by going through my little sisters sketchbook


a sketch of a tundra

and final pages


I like the art, and I love the humor. “No one can fly, dumbass!” absolutely destroyed me.