Basic and Advanced Tactics?

I’m having trouble understanding fighting games.
[] What would be considered the basic tactics?
[/list] And if they’re mixups, resets, and wakeups (not sure if these are all basic tactics that everyone should know),
]what would advanced tactics be?

Specific game your referring too. SF4? 2D fundamentals are implemented very differently depending on the game.

Oh i thought there were general tactics to fighting games. What would be the basic and advance tactics in street fighter?

I don’t really understand the question here. You sound like you’re asking more out of curiosity than out of a wish to improve your game. Which, of course, there’s nothing wrong with, but it’s sort of puzzling. You see, there’s not necessarily a clear line between “basic” and “advanced” tactics in fighting games, and explaining what the “basic tactics” are would take hours to write up. In addition, there’s a lot of stuff that only be learned by experience, and by specifically playing on the tendencies and habits your opponent.

If you want to learn, this e-book is a good place to start. It covers a lot of important subjects for beginners.

Sorry for the confusion :s
I guess my question is a bit in the gray area :stuck_out_tongue:
Thx for the help m8

Basic tactics common to every fighting game is movement, attacking, and defending. Movement deals with how you get in and out of attack range. Attacks and weather they are safe if the opponet blocks it. Defending, how do you avoid taking damage.
Advance tactics involve combinations of basic tactics. Wiffing attacks to control space and restrict movements, kara canceling regular moves into special moves to get more range.