Basic Beginner Guide To Using Hwoarang

Hi Guys, Im TekGenbu.
I’m here to share my current information I have discovered on this character.
This Hwoarang guide will be updated if needed be (most likely will)

Although I’m sure there is an official guide with all the fancy stuff on it, but if you want it in a language we all understand. Its right here.

Benefits of Hwoarang:
You got 1000 Health
you got a special step that can be canceled.
He got kicks. :smiley:
Multiple overheads.
Insane ground control
Short Combos that leave you in good position

First off, let get to Hwoarang’s normals.

Lp.=Light Punch
Mp.=Medium Punch
Hp.=Heavy Punch
Lk.=Light Kick
Mk.=Medium Kick
Hk.=Heavy Kick
AA.=Anti Air

Standing Normals
Standing Light Punch: Hits for 30 damage. Very poor range, but it hits low and its a very quick normal. Can lead to many options
Standing Medium Punch: Hits for 60 damage. Very good range, it leads into a 2 hit target combo that can be canceled into special moves, and its a good AA for far jump ins.
Standing Heavy Punch: Hits for 90 damage. A lot of range, Can’t be canceled into anything, basically it on this until someone finds something else XD
Standing Light Kick:Hits for 30 damage. Range is better than the St. Lp and it can be followed up by chain. Those are the only things i found on this.
Standing Medium Kick: Hits for 60 damage. basically the same thing as St.Mp but leads into a more damaging target combo, can also lead into a chain for more damage.
Standing Heavy Kick: Hits for 90 damage. Crazy vertical hitbox, can be use as an AA, Also can be canceled into all of his special moves.

Crouching Normals
Crouching Light Punch: Hits for 30 damage. Decent range, can be canceled into all specials, can lead into chain for more damage.
Crouching Medium Punch: Hits for 60 damage. Basically similar to ryu’s Cr.Mk in SSF4 AE 2012… can be canceled into all specials, good poke. frame traps itself.
Crouching Heavy Punch: Hits for 90 damage. Almost the exact same thing as his St.Hk, but the difference is it can’t be canceled into anything. good poke although for high flying characters.
Crouching Light Kick: Hits for 30 damage.Has slightly less range than the Cr.Lp, i see no particular use for this normal, but it can be canceled into all specials.
Crouching Medium Kick: Hits for 60 damage. It has good range, has no downward hitbox, can be canceled into specials, it makes Hwoarang closer to the ground so it can be used as a late AA, to try to set up the counter hit
Crouching Heavy Kick: Hits for 90 damage. His Sweep, Causes knockdown, can be canceled if you do it unsafely.

Jumping Normals
**Jumping Light Punch: **Hits for 40 damage. Tied with jumping light kick for the fastest jumping attack that Hwoarang has.The Hitbox on this attack is good the downfall is it hits for low damage, but you are safe on block so against those command grab characters you have no worries. As it goes for all jumping attacks you can be AAed for it.
Jumping Medium Punch: Hits for 70 damage. This one is my favorite of all his jumping attacks, it can cross of very easily, so trick your opponents into thinking your gonna cross up, and delay the input and you will hit in front of them. Also safe on block.
Jumping Heavy Punch: Hits for 100 Damage. Tied with jumping heavy kick for the slowest jumping attack Hwoarangs has.One of Hwoarang’s more damaging jumping normals, it is tied for the most frame advantage on hit. This Can’t cross up although, so use it to fake out your opponents into thinking it will. Take advantage of the + frames so you will have time to react on which high low mix-up you will go into if it hits or it is blocked
Jumping Light Kick: Hits for 40 damage. Tied with jumping light punch for the fastest air attack Hwoarang has.Now this move is crazy. its one of Hwoarang’s more tricky cross ups. The way it shapes Hwoarang’s body makes his animation look weird while he is in the air, while your opponent is on wake-up use it to set up unblockables, Also you can use it to force your opponent to fuzzy guard on wake-up
**Jumping Medium Kick: **Hits for 70 damage. This move should be one of your first choices to go for in a Air to Air situation. the hit box is great. The start up it great, although its not the fastest of all of Hwoarang’s jumping attacking it has one of the greater ranges. i suggest going to this Air attack. However, i do not suggest going for this attack when your opponent wakes up unless you are in the corner, it is the only time this attack can cross up.
Jumping Heavy Kick: Hits for 100 damage. Tied with jumping heavy punch for the slowest jumping attack Hwoarang has. This attack would be the very last jumping attack you go to as your opponent is getting up, it can’t cross up in any situation. Also it leaves you on great advantage on hit and block, I personally use this particular jumping attack to crush your opponent’s neutral jumps. The hitbox when jumping in isn’t the best, so use this move at your own risk.

**Flamingo Stance: **Now yall just wait, I’m still researching on this, ill post as soon as i find it.

Special Moves:
Special Step: This Move…GDLK, can be canceled into every special he has except Air Raid Special. can go under fireballs, Cancel it for a quick punish. Now for the brokenness of this move. You can do Special Step, Cancel into Dynamite heel, Cancel Dynamite heel into another dash. You Sir, have just traveled from 1 side of the screen to your opponent to land what ever crazy mix-up you have in your book of tricks. The Ex Version is Hit invincible, so tell your opponents who mash Lp. to hold that because you are about to cancel this into a special move that kill their self esteem.
**Sky Rocket: **All in all, this is just your AA, Not very good on wake-up, can be easily combo-ed into for decent damage, post any other use for this move and ill add it to this.
Lk. Version: 120 Damage.
Mk. Version: 130 Damage.
Hk. Version: 150 Damage.
EX Version: 180 Damage

Hunting Hawk: All Versions of this move are on negative frames but not too many characters can punish, also damaging combos, the Hp Version’s last hit is a ground bounce/overhead, Best Version to Tag cancel from is Hp Version. Any further use of this move please post and ill add it.
Lk. Version: 120 Damage
Mk Version: 80+60 Damage
Hk Version: 50+50+50 Damage
EX Version: 50+20+20+20+50
Air Raid: One of Hwoarang’s more weird specials, you can use any version of this move to control where you land, Hk. Version would be the best choice. If you predict your opponent will throw a fireball you would use the Mk. Version and get the punish, or put yourself in a good position, also a mid level blocked one is safe in some cases, a shallow one, though hard to hit is safe at all angles. you can use it to safely tag cancel, but BEWARE OF THE SHORYU!
Lk Version: 50+20+30 Damage
Mk Version: 50+30+30 Damage
Hk Version: 50+30+40 Damage
EX Version: 50+30+50 Damage
Air Raid Special: ** This version has different properties than the regular one, It only hits 1 time. Can be use while backward jumping, neutral jumping, and forward jumping. A shallow Version is safe, but the high version is free to some command grabs. Not to many things can come out of this considering you can’t combo after each of the versions, except the EX version, but you have to hit as shallow as possible, not really worth the bar you are spending although.
Lk Version: 100 Damage
Mk Version: 100 Damage
Hk Version: 100 Damage
EX Version: 120 Damage
Dynamite Heel: This move is your peoples elbow, although the regular version doesn’t overhead it as really good advantage, but it looks unsafe, so to your opponents who are mashing Lp. SKY ROCKET DEM FOOLS!!! The Ex Version does overhead and guess what…YOU CAN COMBO OFF IT, So your crazy hwoarang combos after you lane one of these.
Lp Version: 100 Damage
Mp Version: 100 Damage
Hp Version
:** 100 Damage
EX Version: 100+50 Damage

Unique Attacks
Spinning Trap Kick: Hits for 60 damage.Now this move, it can be useful but its only problem is that its slow. this move hits low, and if you manage to tag your opponent while they are in the air, you’re gonna knock them down. Now with Hwoarang try to destroy your habits of crouch teching. because if you manage to somehow mess up, this move will come out. Since its slow, if your opponent is on top of his game he is gonna punish you before the move even touches him. This move on block is completely neutral at all distances. It can also be special canceled.
Tsunami Kick: Hits for 60 damage. This attack had advantage if your opponent blocks and if it hits as long has you make contact with them. If you hold forward on your stick while doing this move you will go into flamingo stance.
Iron Heel: Hits for 70 damage. Now this attack will knockdown your opponents if it hits while they are in the air, also if you connect this attack it causes a ground bounce so once you land it just pull out your crazy Hwoarang combo. Now this attack is unsafe, but the disadvantage isn’t great enough for them to punish you. Another downfall is that the attack in slow, so if your opponent is mashing lp. they will hit you out of it before it connects. Use it at your own risk.
Fade Away Kick: Hits for 70 damage. This attack is good for punishing your opponent for trying to pressure you too much. Once you get some space you want to use this move. You will do a short hop backward and toss out this kick, Now you can cancel this kick into all specials except Air Raid. On block don’t worry about being punished because you move backwards. So when you throw out this attack just input whatever special you want and if it hits or blocks your special will come out. since most of Hwoarang specials are safe you are basically getting free chip. If this attack whiffs, you just escaped pressure and your special won’t come out if you buffer it correctly.
Motion Switch: When you activate this skill you will go into flamingo stance, Flamingo stance makes you move really slow, but i personally use it full screen again a non-projectile character. Flamingo Stance’s normals have great range so you could AA way easier than you could normally. This move is also 1 frame so don’t worry about being punished for using unless they are already in the active frames of their move while you activate this.
Reverse Kick: Hits for 70 damage. This move can knockdown your opponent if you manage to hit them while they are in the air, but if they are grounded and they block this, you are in a fairly punishable position. If you throw this move out on your opponent while you are close to them, it will force them to stand. so if you successfully hit them with this turn it into a frame trap or cancel it into any special Hwoarang has except Air raid and Air raid special. If you go for the frame trap instead of the special cancel, try to go for one of many low-high or high-low mix-ups Hwoarang has. Very good Target combo.
Chainsaw Kick: Hits for 50 personal favorite of Hwoarang’s target combos. Not only does it ground bounce when it hits no matter if they are crouching or standing, but it also can knockdown airborne opponents. The disadvantage of this is that is very punishable. And you can’t cancel it. But you can start from a St.Lk which hits low into the chainsaw kick. for a quick low-high mix-up. But like i said, its unsafe so use it at your own risk. For sure try to combo into and use your super awesome Hwoarang tech.

Basic Bread And Butter Combos**.**
**SR=**Sky Rock
**HH=**Hunting Hawk
**AR=**Air Raid
**ARS=**Air Raid Special
DH=Dynamite Heel
STK=Spinning Trap Kick
TK=Tsunami Kick
IH=Iron Heel
FAK=Fade-Away Kick
MS=Motion Switch
RK=Reverse Kick
CK=Chainsaw Kick
**HEC=**Heel Explosion Combo

These 5 Combos are really the only combos you need if you want to put yourself in a good situation. Also this leaves you in a good spot so you can start your pressure options.

Other than these 5 combos to set up good situations i will post other combos that can be down off Hwoarang’s unique attacks

***Use:***Hits you opponent with a kick low-high mix-up for big damage and a Hard knockdown.

Use:Another Low-high mix-up for big damage, although not a hard knockdown, you will recover in time for you mix-up afterward.

Jp.Hk*-St.Lp*-CKSt.Hk-EX.HH*- Jp.Hk*-Hk.SR*
Use:First off, you get a wall bounce off the EX.Hunting Hawk, Also its does more damage than Combo#2 For the cost of a bar. Ending with Hp.SR doesn’t give a hard knockdown.*

Use:Although its not as powerful as Combo#3, at the cost of 1 bar, and good damage, you can combo your sweep for the hard knockdown.

Use:Easy hit confirm, one of hwoarang strongest if not the strongest solo combo he has. It hurts.

**Standing :mp: - **good range, comes out fast. Beats most jump in attacks if done early enough.
**Crouch :mk: - **lowered hitbox, most jump ins I’ve seen get countered by this, so you can immediately cancel into special step for shenanigans or better positioning. Or cancel into Sky rocket for good damage
**Flamingo Stance :hp: - **Surprisingly very good anti air. Comes out very fast and beats most jump-ins aside from very good ones like Yoshimitsu’s jumping :hp:
**Sky Rocket - **I use either Light or Medium Sky Rocket. Make sure you execute this as deep as possible. (Sky Rocket has 5 frames of invuln for Light and Medium…EX Sky Rocket has 7 frames invulnerability)
Crouching :mk: should be your go to anti-air as well as sky rocket if you are confident with your execution and reactions.

Hwoarang Okizeme
Hwoarang is one of those gifted characters that has a lot of options to use on your opponent as they are getting up after a knockdown. Most will utilize empty jumps and few will use Dash Forward…and special dash canceling the sweep as you hit it.
Combo To Start Okizeme Options.
**Options After Sweep: **
**Option 1: **Empty jump towards. Normal grab.
**Option 2: Empty jump towards. Lp-CK-Into combo of choice.
**Option 3: **Empty jump towards. Sky Rocket. This one is gutsy.
**Option 4: *Empty jump towards. Iron Heel-Into combo of choice
Option 5: Empty jump towards. Sweep. Restart. MUAHAHAHAHA.
**Option 6: **Dash Forward. Spinning Trap Kick. Confirm hit into special move of choice.
Option 7: Special Dash Cancel Sweep. Lk.HH. Attempt to recycle combo.This one will take a little bit more practice than the others, the benefits of this one is that it kills forward rolls.

Depending on when you jump is if your jump attack will cross up or not.
Because after some testing all the options are basically the same. but when you opponent forwards rolls. jump back Hk. this move has to capability to cross up. so when you predict the forward roll, choose the timing of your jump to make this move cross up or not, make your opponent guess.

Options After Forward Roll
Option 1:Jump back Hk.Normal grab.
Option 2: Jump back Hk.
. Lp
-CK*-Into combo of choice*.
**Option 3: Jump back Hk. Sky Rocket. This one is gutsy.
*Option 4: Jump back Hk. Iron Heel-Into combo of choice-This does not combo, just a good mix-up. BEWARE OF MASHERS
Option 5: Jump back Hk.. Sweep. Restart. MUAHAHAHAHA.
**Option 6:Dash backward. Spinning Trap Kick. Confirm hit into special move of choice.

How to shut down forward rolls with Hwoarang.
After Hk.Hunting Hawk Mid Screen:Since Hunting Hawk gives a hard knockdown, you can instantly do another Hk.Hunting Hawk and you land right behind them. and if they input forward roll, nothing will happen.
After Hk.Hunting Hawk Corner: Since Hunting Hawk gives a hard knockdown, after you land a Hk.Hunting Hawk in the corner, immediately use St.Mp, then immediately use Lk. Hunting Hawk, and their roll input will fail. if they do manage to predict, they will just roll in the corner.
After Sweep Mid Screen: Just instantly cancel your sweep into Mk.Hunting Hawk, and their forward roll input will fail. If they manage to block your sweep, and you cancel into this move. only DP characters are able to punish you, so make your decision if you want to jump back to start the vortex or you wanna risk the random sweep hit confirm.
After Sweep in Corner:Just Instantly Cancel your sweep into Lk.Hunting Hawk and their roll input will fail. This Is also unsafe they manage to block, but i suggest doing a chain combo into your sweep. Just to be sure.

Hwoarang Pressure Tools and Strategies.
Hwoarang has a lot of tools to help he keep pressure on the opponent and also fake the opponent out. You will utilize his Lp.SS and his fade away kick in keeping pressure and faking out your opponent.
**Pressure Tool#1: **Fade-Away Kick
**Pressure Tool#2: High Kick Combo
Pressure Tool#3:
Lp.Special Step

**Pressure Tool#4: **Dynamite Heel Dash Cancel.

Strategy#1: Fade-Away Kick-Lp. Special Step.*
Strategy#2: High Kick Combo-Lp. Special Step.*
Strategy#3: St.Hk-SADC*-St.Lk*-High Kick Combo*-Lp. Special Step.*

Flamingo Stance Combos
Combo#1:J.Hk-Mk>Mk-Flamingo Stance>Lk-Mk-HP.HH*
Combo#2:J.Hk-Mk>Mk-Flamingo Stance>Lk-Mk- EX.HH-J.HK* - Mp*-SR**
Combo#3:J.Hk-Mk>Mk-Flamingo Stance>Lk-Mk-EX.HH-J.Hk

**Combo#4:*Mk>Mk xx Flamingo Stance>Lk>Mk xx HP.HH or Special of Choice…

I love to help people, Let me know if you spot something wrong in this guide. Good luck to all Hwoarang players

The Link to my page^^^^"
Good Luck To All :slight_smile:

Flamingo Stance
Flamingo Stance, In this stage of the game its very underused and underrated. But I’m here to tell you how to use this move based on what I’ve Explored with it.

Flamingo Stance Combos
I know these are on the page above this, but organization purposes I will rewrite them.
Combo#1:J.Hk-Mk>Mk-Flamingo Stance>Lk-Mk-HP.HH*
Use:* This Combo is more damaging than the Combo#1 that doesn’t use flamingo stance, but since there is a stance change in the middle of the combo it is a little less consistent. The HP.HH at the end can be followed up with the forward roll killer option posted in the "How To Kill Forward Rolls With Hwoarang" Section above.
Combo#2:J.Hk-Mk>Mk-Flamingo Stance>Lk-Mk- EX.HH-J.HK
- Mp
***Use:This Combo is more damaging than the Combo#1 using Flamingo Stance but, it takes a bar. The benefits of this combo are that you land the knockdown. Although not a hard knockdown if you are able to hold Up-Forward for what ever mix-up you have in your arsenal.
Combo#3:J.Hk-Mk>Mk-Flamingo Stance>Lk-Mk-EX.HH-J.Hk

***Use:*This Combo Isn’t as strong as Combo#2 using Flamingo Stance but you are able to land the hard knockdown and begin the Hwoarang Okizeme options. Or you can choose not to start the Hwoarang Okizeme options and choose to kill the forward roll.
**Combo#4:*Mk>Mk xx Flamingo Stance>Lk>Mk xx HP.HH or Special of Choice…
***Use:***Same thing as Combo#1 but just added special of choice, ill be adding the damage of all possibilities through this combo.

The Safety Of Flamingo Stance
Flamingo Stance can be used to make most if not all of Hwoarang’s Target Combos safe. So while you executing a unsafe target combo, and you notice that your opponent has blocked just hold forward and cancel into Flamingo Stance. ** I Will Be Posting The Target Combos That Can Be Canceled, Also More Uses**

Tricky Corner Mix-Ups
After HK Hunting Hawk (214HK) in the corner: Hold up and towards the corner and wait until Hwoarang begins his second jump. Very early in the second jump, input HK Air Raid Special (41236HK) to get back out of the corner. You can also mix this up with the other versions of Air Raid Special; MK may or may not cross up depending on timing, and LK never crosses up. The only way for the opponent to avoid this mix-up is by rolling into the corner, forcing Hwoarang outside of the corner. In any case, you will always be right in front of the opponent with enough frame advantage to pressure them as usual.
*Dr. Grammar

Tag Canceling With Hwoarang.
Hwoarang has very powerful tag cancel potential. I recently discovered that most Hwoarangs will tag cancel into their partner from the Hk. Hunting Hawk. I’ve also seen some Hwoarangs try to cross up after they tag cancel from the Hk. Hunting Hawk with their partner. Sadly, its not possible. Your opponent will just block regularly because unblockables do not exist in SFxT to anyone’s knowledge. So what im about to tell you is gonna chain the way you keep pressure when your combo into Hk. Hunting Hawk is blocked. Instead of doing Hk. Hunting Hawk, just do Mk. Hunting Hawk. Because by now everyone who has faced a Hwoarang will expect you to end with a Hk. Hunting Hawk. and will notice the cross-up and just block accordingly. But if you use Mk. Hunting Hawk. the 3rd hit won’t come out. So when you try to cross up, it won’t be a true block string. Now since its running threw their mind to just block normally since they’re no unblockables. You are gonna change their world when that 3rd hit doesn’t come out. You are gonna hit them with that cross-up, Do you BnB with your other characters and hurt their self-esteem. Good luck to you fellow Hwoarang players. Join me and killing the moral of your opponents :slight_smile:

Would be better if everything like this is discussed in this thread I made, and still updating. And please, before you say ‘you think’ this or that move is safe or has these properties, please confirm with the guide or from the other people in this section. Thank you.


Yeah man, for sure. but this is my first guide lol. doing the best i can with what i know how to do. Updating once i find something new. But yeah your guide completely has outdone mine, just felt as if i needed to make one. After all there can be more than one guide. But feel free to recommend yours over mind :slight_smile:

We can always pull our resources together to make the Ultimate Hwoarang Thread lulz

Im cool with that, just make sure to use my name, if you wan’t you can copy paste whatever i put down. i mean most of it is Gdlk, but no frame data. Because yours has the move and the frames on it. Just take what i put down and add a note to which normal you set. Get what im saying? ill be glad to help

nice, would be nice if someone can post a video of the vortex thing

you made me a Hwoarang believer. LOL


Good stuff Josh. You might want to go back and fix a few typos and grammatical errors though. Overall, a good effort mate.

I shall i shall

so that i was looking for a team and idk which i should go for, i saw this thread since it speaks for BEGINNERS, and i have no clue about this game… so i picked hwoarang up first for my new team, thanks to this thread…

but i found out some interesting thing

if u dont do the lp after the jump in hard kick u make more dmg lol

#combo 1 -> m.p l.p -> hk -> qcb+hk it is 353 instead of 328

also, someone can give a tip for timing the hk after the overhead?
its so weird, sometimes it justs misses o.O

when should i press HK after i done the overhead? when he falls to the ground its almost to late and in the air nothin happens

You hit light kick to hit confirm it, otherwise you are a little bit negative on frames. plus its a low high mix-up. therefore risking some damage instead of taking some yourself. with Hk. timing, you want to take a small step forward. Just a small one, and it should connect everytime.

Snipped from another thread…


**Standing :mp: - **good range, comes out fast. Beats most jump in attacks if done early enough.

**Crouch :mk: - **lowered hitbox, most jump ins I’ve seen get countered by this, so you can immediately cancel into special step for shenanigans or better positioning. Or cancel into Sky rocket for good damage

**Flamingo Stance :hp: - **Surprisingly very good anti air. Comes out very fast and beats most jump-ins aside from very good ones like Yoshimitsu’s jumping :hp:

**Sky Rocket - **I use either Light or Medium Sky Rocket. Make sure you execute this as deep as possible. (Sky Rocket has 5 frames of invuln for Light and Medium…EX Sky Rocket has 7 frames invulnerability)

Crouching :mk: should be your go to anti-air as well as sky rocket if you are confident with your execution and reactions.

does hk sky rocket have frames of invulnerability too? and why is it so bad for wake up i dont understand i get shitted on everytime i try wake up lol

Very good effort this should help me a lot.

Perhaps in future try to work on presentation. Not sure a guide needs a full page image at the top.

Anyway, good stuff. Useful to me, cheers.

One question since you’re working on this guide, what are the annotations for this combo? He uses it a lot, one example is at 8m 36s [media=youtube]bXNiNZNUi8w[/media]

It looks good and I don’t think you have it listed here.

Hk skyrocket does not have invuln frames. This is probably why!

Look like Cr.Lp*-St.Lk*-St.Mk*-St.Mk*-Hk.HH*. ill test the damage for it once im done testing other combos, im updating again today

Some hit confirms if nobody has posted these already.

J.Hk or J.Hp, Mk>mk xx Flamingo Stance>Lk>Mk xx HP.HH (340 damage)
J.Hk or J.Hp, Mk>Mk xx Flamingo Stance>Lk>Mk xx EX.HH > J.HK - MP.Sky Rocket (424 damage)
Mk>Mk xx Flamingo Stance>Lk>Mk xx HP.HH or any other special move that you want. (hit confirms from the lk)