Basic Beginner Guide To Using Hwoarang


Digging the thread. Maining Hwoarang now with Paul at the back thanks to this guide. Keep updating it as regularly as you have been for as long as you can and I’ll keep checking back for more content. Looking forward to seeing anything that can be done with both dive kick and flamingo stance.

it feels like that his fade away kick cancelled into light version of hunting hawk is safe. it’ll also get you back in there to get the pressure game back if you want. if/when it connects I use heavy version to tag cancel or just good damage. I haven’t tested ex version yet to go into his basic bnb (I do just jump in HK into sky rocket) Too noob/can’t find the timing to get his into another HK HH again. :frowning:

I freakin’ love the fade-away kick; it’s so good for when you’re opponent is trying to get in. I also use it after the CK, but after looking at your combos maybe I’ll try using the st.HK now since that should probably do more damage.

I figured we should discuss the vortex’, but is this really a vortex? As far as I see it a vortex is a set of mixups that leave the opponent with an equal to or lesser than 33% (ish) chance to guess correctly.

With Akuma you have.

Empty jump block (via command or actual jump) (beats a reversal)
Crossup tatsu (very ambiguous)
Command jump > Options

There are various ways you can execute all of these for Akuma, for instance you can command jump > punch just short of the target, and that can also bait out a reversal, but ultimately they force the opponent to guess towards 1 of 3 options, (reversal, block or grab).

With hwo you just have

Attack in various forms (countered by option select grab or just straight up blocking)
Empty Jump grab (countered by option select grab)
Empty Jump grab (countered by option select grab)
Cross up (with no ambiguity this is easy to block)

It doesn’t look like there’s enough diverse options that demand different answers from the player, so Hwo’s alleged mixups aren’t hard to deal with, like Akumas who has more options.

This vortex works if they roll forward?

i see what you mean, but i said it isn’t as strong as SF4. forward roll in this game changes a lot.

Hey man I wouldn’t say its a vortex, its more of a option select thing. Its still nice either way.

yeah vortex or not, its gdlk. so many options, but i might change the name from vortex to something else.

Wake up pressure is probably a more appropriate name.

not cool enough lol.

Keeping the Feet in the Face?

Lol, maybe lol

The term you’re looking for is “okizeme”.

Yeah that, thanks…how would i word that although? Hwoarang Okizeme?

Sure, that works.

I can’t attack with Flamingo after the Chainsaw ground bounce

Am I just not being fast enough?

I guess so…why would you want to Flamingo after the GB though? Why not go with a cr.MP, back MK, or st.HK into HH or something?

Edit: I tried it just now and the most I could get was the Flamingo Kick Target Combo (LK>MK) and most of the time the MK was whiffing.

don’t do it, just do Hk into Special of choice…more consistent than flamingo…ShadyK told me flamingo is useless, i won’t be posting too much on it.

Flamingo has it’s uses in combos (meaning, going into it during combos), but, unless some crazy tech comes out, I don’t think it is that useful outside combos. There are plenty of ways to hit confirm and maximize damage that don’t need the F. Stance too. If it wasn’t for the garbage walk speed, it’d be a fantastic stance for footsies and pokes, but the walk speed doesn’t really allow it.

I do think that pro players will find a use for it and the rest of us can go from there.